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Corrected entry: There is no reason for Lucifer to grant John a wish. The devil is neither a nice guy nor a Jinn, and he already got what was "in the pot." Of course Constantine was very helpful to him (commiting suicide to signal the devil that his son is revolting against him), but the devil for sure would just take "the gift", only sarcastically saying "thank you." Realistically it would end with twin-sister Isabel staying in hell and maybe John going to heaven because his suicide rescued Angela from getting stabbed by Gabriel and threw back Mammon in hell, a godly sacrifice.


Correction: This is something you think the movie should have done differently. It's not a plot hole.

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Corrected entry: As Lucifer comes down to John his feet are covered in a black, tarry substance that drips all over the floor. When he walks into the hydrotherapy room the tops of his feet are still covered in this substance. But in the shot where he pulls Angela away from Gabriel, his feet are clean. (01:43:40)

Correction: A powerful supernatural being can probably change his appearance at will.

Corrected entry: When Angela sets off to "rescue" Constantine, she makes a point of working the action on her handgun, thus putting a round in the chamber and cocking back the hammer. She then immediately holsters the gun without lowering the hammer. I cringed when I saw this in the movie - it's an extremely reckless move as only the gun's safety (of dubious reliability) is keeping that gun from accidentally firing. I can't imagine even a rookie cop, let alone a seasoned detective, doing something so dangerous. (01:10:05)

Daryn Belden

Correction: I'm thinking that witnessing one's twin sister's suicide/murder, taking a little trip into Hell itself, and having one's immortal soul put in pawn to the war between God and Lucifer might make poor firearm handling practices seem a little less dangerous. I'd call this "mistake" a pretty good barometer of the character's state of mind (and soul) at this point in the movie.

Corrected entry: At the end, when Lucifer is shined upon by light from heaven, behind him you can see the lamps being used reflecting on the wet walls.


Correction: The lamps in the background are emergency lights that are all over hospital walls, and are not reflections.

Corrected entry: When Lucifer is dragging John away, the floor breaks and there are ripples outlining John. A couple of scenes later, you can see that the floor is not nearly as broken. (01:42:30 - 01:44:30)

Correction: The floor was damaged as Constantine got heavier and heavier as Lucifer was unable to drag a heaven-bound body toward hell. There's no more need for the floor in *our* plane to be damaged than there is for it to be burnt when the planes move toward hell.


Corrected entry: When Lucifer and John are talking, after John cuts his wrists, Lucifer says something about cutting too deep and the tendons being sliced, therefore making the finger movement not so good. Yet later in the scene John is holding the cigarette in his hand freely, as if there was no trouble with his fingers holding it.

Correction: Constantine uses right hand trying to light the cigarette but left when smoking. They may be damaged differently. It's also much easier to hold cigarette between fingers than using lighter.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Keanu Reeves is killing the first demon, he lights a cigarette before entering the room, he then proceeds to place it on the desk (where it is seen often for some artistic flare) but when he puts it on the desk its not a cigarette, it is a cigar, or loosely rolled "blunt" which is why it is burning so slowly. (00:04:35)

Correction: This is really not a noticable mistake. It's impossible to see it burning slowly. Indeed it's not a regular cigarette, but it's an enlarged cigarette made for this scene (according to DVD commentaries).


Corrected entry: In the scene where Constantine explains that there's a different Bible in Hell, he says that it gives a different picture of Revelations. The name of the book is Revelation (without the 's'). It's a common mistake, but someone as well-versed in demonology as Constantine should know the correct name.

Correction: This is not a mistake, it is intentional. While OUR Bible only has one Revelation, the one in Hell has several.

Correction: He said it works best if she is totally submerged in water. This doesn't mean she has to be. It obviously is a fib he told her so that she would willing to place her entire head under the water. He needed to "kill" her, something she would most likely not have been too pleased with, as her reaction shows.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie, John Constantine is seen using a piece of glass to slash his left wrist to commit suicide. However after that both his wrists are bleeding.

Correction: He slits both his wrists. The second one is off screen, but the movement can be seen.


Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie, when Angela is shooting the Mexican in the pool, you plainly see that the bullets are exiting out his back through his very white shirt. You see the blood burst forth from his back as they exit, then you see them hit the wall behind him. Yet, just as he grabs Angela and shoves her underwater, you have a perfect view of the back of his now completely unmarred white shirt - no holes whatsoever anywhere.

Correction: He also has no marks at all from being hit head-on by a speeding car. It is likely he instantly heals from any wound.

Corrected entry: When Angela is watching the security video on her laptop of her sister committing suicide, her Sister "Izzy" is saying "Constantine." Near to zero probability that a security video is recording audio, especially on the rooftop of a clinic.


Correction: She isn't saying it over the audio of the video. She is saying it to her twin psychic sister telepathically.


Agreed, especially since we see Angela rewind the footage and Isabel doesn't say anything the 2nd time.


Corrected entry: The song played in the bar when John visits Midnite belongs to the band Bush, an obvious nod to Gavin Rossdale, lead singer of that band, who plays Balthazar.


Correction: The song is "Passive" by A Perfect Circle, not Bush.

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Corrected entry: When the Priest dies in the liquor store, there is an overhead shot of the 4 or 5 police cars that respond to the scene. Two of the cars have the same number on them. (00:51:20)

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Correction: There are two cars with the 274 number but one of them has a 19 and the other has a 20 on the trunk.

Corrected entry: When Angela is watching a video of her twin sister's suicide, made by security camera, take a close look at the final scene when Isabel is standing on the edge. She is standing still, but the camera view moves to put the girl in the center of the screen, then stops. It doesn't seem like regular movement of rotating security cameras (they wouldn't stop), and it doesn't look like movement of motion tracking cameras either (they'd be continually moving tracking Isabel). This scene was obviously filmed to provide for a certain artistic impression rather than show accurate security camera footage. (00:25:00)

Correction: Video doesn't stop before she has jumped and is away from the view. Previous editing of the security tape can cause that.

Corrected entry: In the first exorcism scene, John burns the girl with a symbol. A couple of shots later, the burn mark has moved.

Correction: The burn mark never moves. It sticks to the left of her forehead throughout the whole scene.


Corrected entry: When Constantine wants to find out what happened to Angela's sister, he sticks his feet in a pot filled with water. After the scene where he has been in hell and Angela comes in again, he is sitting on the chair but the pot of water has disappeared.

Correction: If you look closely you can see Constantine has kicked the pot to his left.


Corrected entry: When Constantine tries to kill himself by cutting his wrists you see his watch briefly - it's about 6.29. A few minutes later there is a close-up after he has taken it off: it is now 5.20.

Correction: Everytime we see the watch it shows about 5:20. Even the clock on the wall shows 5:20.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Keanu walks into the building of the first exorcism he lit up a cigarette. The next shot shows it was burned down, and then the next shot when he walks into the bedroom its a full cigarette again.

Correction: After the first cigarette burnt down (as he walked into the building), he lit a new one in the kitchen, before walking into the girl's bedroom.

Corrected entry: Near the end, Gabriel is holding John's gun asking her to kill him. A split second later, he's holding it in a different manner.

Correction: Actually, Gabriel just changes the position of the gun so that Constantine can take it.

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Continuity mistake: In the pool when Constantine grabs the possessed Angela, he grabs her by her head with both hands. When it cuts he's holding onto her shoulders. (01:26:40)


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John Constantine: So when a half-breed breaks the rules, I deport their sorry ass straight back to hell. I don't get them all but...I'm hoping to get enough to insure my retirement.
Angela Dodson: I don't understand.
John Constantine: I'm a suicide, Angela. When I die the rules say I got just one place to go.
Angela Dodson: You're trying to buy your way into heaven.
John Constantine: What would you do if you were sentenced to a prison where half the inmates were put there by you?

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Trivia: Jay and Silent Bob (from Kevin Smith's films) get a mention during the movie. When talking about sidekicks, three are mentioned, the first two by name, and the third is a description of Jay and Silent Bob. (00:19:25)

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Question: Even though Isabel committed suicide, shouldn't she have gone to heaven? She willfully sacrificed herself to insure that Mammon couldn't cross on to earth so in a way, she was saving billions of people, so that should have guaranteed her entry into heaven.

Answer: Sin for a good reason is still sin, and as Gabriel says earlier, you can't buy your way into Heaven. Real Catholic dogma, however, doesn't hold the mentally ill as condemned for committing suicide.

Greg Dwyer

Except Isabel wasn't mentally ill. She saw angels and demons just like Constantine did. It was her parents who believed she was mentally ill.

While suicide is a mortal sin, it's shown later (as in major plot point) that sacrificing yourself to save the world is a redeeming act.

Yes, but Constantine also said "My parents were normal. They did what most parents would do. They made it worse. You think you're crazy long enough, you find a way out" which could relate to Isabel losing her sanity in a way as well because of her family and how they saw her. The whole Isabel's sacrifice is added by the novelization but the movie is ambiguous about the suicide.


Except Isabel wasn't mentally ill. She saw half breeds just like John did.

Sacrificing yourself for others isn't a sin.

Answer: If a soldier jumps on a grenade and dies to save his fellow soldiers, it's considered giving one's life for others. To my understanding, that isn't considered a "sin." If it was a mental health issue, a just God would give her a pass. If she was doing it to thwart Mammon's plans, again she was sacrificing herself. If she did it to get Constantine involved to help stop Mammon, again is was self sacrifice. (Notice how she says "Constantine" just before jumping when her sister views the video?). As a plot device, I understand it, but from a theological standpoint it is weak.

Answer: It is shown in the movie that it was Balthazar who whispered into her ear, gave her suggestions. Eventually she committed suicide to escape that, to escape her torment. She certainly didn't sacrifice herself to keep Mammon out because Mammon needed twin psychics, one in hell and one on Earth to do it, which Balthazar achieved for him.


The film doesn't give information about the need of having one twin in hell and the other on earth to complete Mammon's plan; the movie states Mammon needs a powerful psychic and God's help. It isn't shown either that Balthazar was the one whispering to Isabel's ear considering she was apparently hearing Hellspeak, but no individual besides her appeared on the death scene; therefore, it was left ambiguous. Otherwise, provide evidence of the statement above.

When John and Angela are walking back to the elevator after taking care of Balthasar they specifically mention Mammon needed twin psychics. The only reason would be for their connection. One is in hell, the other on Earth. Through their connection Mammon is able to posses Angela. As for the second thing. When Isabel commits suicide you both hear Balthasar whisper to her and she has the mark on her wrist, like Hennessy had on his hand palm, the sign of Mammon. They wanted her in Hell.


The dialogue, when they are walking towards the elevator, is "Constantine: Beeman said Mammon needed divine assistance to cross over. How's the blood of God's only son? Ángela: The stains on the spear. Constantine: Yeah. Ángela: So he gets the spear. He still has to locate a powerful psychic. Constantine: Not really. Ángela: Twins." Angela says "twins" after hearing Constantine say "Not really." (while looking at her) which made Angela realise that she was Isabel's replacement as a powerful psychic since they had the same gift, but the former's was dormant up until that moment. It's not because the plan needed one in hell and the other on earth. That's never stated as far as we know from the information provided by the film. As for Balthazar, it's never stated it was him who whispered to Isabel. That's an assumption based on hearing the voice alone. Also, the mark appeared on the guy's hand at beginning of the film after he found the spear and Balthazar was probably not there.

It's not an assumption when it's his voice. It doesn't all have to be "stated." And the whole twin part is just a coincidence? Are you saying Gabriel and Balthasar found twin psychics so they have a backup if one of them dies? That's ridiculous. They needed twin psychics specifically, and they make one of them commit suicide. That's not just a random thing, it's what needed to be done. And it's Mammon's sign, not Balthasar's.


It's an assumption because there is insufficient evidence to prove it, and there were other voices in the film to assume it was specifically Balthazar's given that Angela heard a similar voice calling her name when she was in hell and Mammon appeared, which could indicate that maybe it was Mammon who whispered to Isabel too but still not clear though. It's more speculation. Yes, not everything has to be stated since some things are implicitly given although it also depends because it can become ambiguous if it lack details which is open to interpretation, but the movie dismisses any possibility of your theory of "one in hell and the other on earth" by stating what the "villain" needed and with that the argument doesn't work. Otherwise, it would be a plot hole for creating an inconsistency with the rules established before. Angela just realised she was the powerful psychic since they had the same gift, so Mammon didn't have to locate another one since it was there in the other twin.

There is no inconsistency with the rules, there is help from god, there is a psychic. All that fits, the Hell Bible just wasn't specific enough, they didn't know the full plan. There is something significant about them being twins. Both because Isabel was killed and Angela and Constantine realise that's what Mammon was looking for.

Now, all that is just speculation, and misinterpretation of what has been explained in the reply above yours. Not continuing the discussion.

Answer: The film itself can't be blamed for that really because it was left ambiguous; the novelization added the part of Isabel's sacrifice to the story. If we go by what the film gave us then Isabel might have been an unstable person considering even Angela didn't back her up about what they could see which could've led her to believe that maybe she was indeed crazy, and as Constantine said "You think you're crazy long enough, you find a way out." Perhaps she just wanted to end everything that was happening to her. There isn't enough information in the movie to confirm or deny it.


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