Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

Corrected entry: There is a church scene. The church that scene was filmed in wouldn't allow them to film the movie, so the crew had to break into the church late at night.

Correction: This isn't possible because in that scene a blast is set off which entirely destroys all the windows. The film crew would have suffered major criminal damage charges had they done the filming in the church without permission and did that to the windows; more likey the whole inside of the church is a set.

Corrected entry: At one point, Pinhead pulls nails from his head. These nails not only miraculously grow back, but are much longer than the ones we saw hammered in at the beginning of the second Hellraiser.

Correction: Given Pinhead is a supernatural demonic entity with incredible powers is it really that hard to imagine he can alter the length and/or regrow the pins in his head when he feels it neccessary?

Corrected entry: Pinhead is able to return to earth in the form of a statue. This is supposed to be the same statue as the one that rose up out of the mattress at he very end of the second Hellraiser, but that statue was made of wood, and was covered with living images of Hell, while the statue in this film is about four feet taller, and now made of solid stone or marble.

Correction: During Spencer's recount of what happened after the events of Hellraiser II we actually see a time lapse montage of the statue undergoing numerous changes. It grows more hellish features (thus adding to its overall height), and develops a grey stone like exterior, so indeed the statues are one and the same.

Corrected entry: The boy at the beginning steals the box and end up in hospital covered in chains where he dies; yet the box is encased entirely in bronze and would be entirely unworkable as the main gold circle on the box couldn't turn underneath the bronze coating, whether the box 'wanted' it to or not.

Correction: The box is a supernatural object, as such it does not follow natural laws. It is bound only by a narrow set of rules, such as someone must open it, it can't open itself. Other than that, thre are very few restrictions on what it can or can't do. Given the fact the box exists for hundreds of years, from the Middle Ages to the Space Age, it is obvious it is darn near indestructible.

Corrected entry: Pinhead makes the silver cross melt in the priest's hand, and the priests hand then becomes a bloody stump. But in following shots the priests hand is very much intact.

Correction: If you look closely, the hand hasn't actually become a stump; he is holding his hand in a very tight fist and it is blistering and bleeding; his knuckles and the very tops of his fingers that are clenched over can be seen if you look carefully.

Corrected entry: Terri claims that the boy who died at the beginning of the movie had stolen the box; yet the box was attached to a statue that, by its colouring, was obviously bronze or possibly copper. The boy could not have gotten a chunk of bronze/copper from a statue in a constantly busy club without being noticed; it would have taken a very long time for one kid to chisel the box out.

Correction: The box, being at least controlled supernaturally, could easily allow itself to be removed with little to no effort.

Corrected entry: When JP buys the statue at the beginning, Pinhead's face is at the top. In another scene, he has flipped to the bottom. Then, a few scenes later and for the rest of the time, he is the correct way up again.

Correction: Pinhead is a supernatural entity and can move about the statue. Other faces are also changed in position from time to time.

Corrected entry: The new Cenobites made from Joey's friends can remember exactly who they were, and even conversations that they've had before the transformation, yet at the end of the second Hellraiser, Pinhead doesn't remember who he is until Kirsty hands him a picture of his former self, and gives the Cenobites a lecture.

Correction: It's wrong because all the old cenobites have been cenobites for centuries. They've had time to forget who they were. The new ones haven't had the time to forget yet.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Pinhead is in the church, he stands behind the table, and the candle to the right of him is straight. He then pushes the cross off the front, look at the candle, it is now on a slant then in a split second the candle is straight again as if it had never been touched.

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Pinhead: Unbearable, isn't it? The suffering of strangers, the agony of friends. There is a secret song at the center of the world, Joey, and its sound is like razors through flesh.
Joey: I don't believe you.
Pinhead: Oh come, you can hear its faint echo right now. I'm here to turn up the volume. To press the stinking face of humanity into the dark blood of its own secret heart.

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Trivia: When Joey's television set is flipping through the channels all by itself, on one of the channels is an interview with Tony Hickox, the director of the film.

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Question: When Pinhead kills JP Monroe, what is the device that is affixed to Monroe's head that is also part of his Cenobite form?


Chosen answer: It's a piston. 2 piston rods are jammed through his head and they move powered by something unknown. You can see the crank shaft and part of some sort of cylinder. A piston is part of an internal combustion engine. It's part of his cenobite form since he liked cars.


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