Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

Trivia: When Joey's television set is flipping through the channels all by itself, on one of the channels is an interview with Tony Hickox, the director of the film.

Trivia: The barman at The Boiler Room, and the subsequent cenobite he turns into ("Barbie"), is played by Peter Atkins, the film's screenwriter, in a small supporting cameo role. (Albeit his voice was dubbed over by the director, since Atkins wasn't around during looping, kind of making it a two-part cameo).


Trivia: "Gremlins" star Zach Galligan has a "blink and you'll miss it" cameo as one of the dead bodies in the nightclub after the massacre. He's only on-screen for a second, but if you know where to look, you can see him. (He's impaled with a pool stick.) Evidently the director asked him to make a cameo as they had worked together before on the "Waxwork" films, and Galligan accepted.


Trivia: The original draft of the script was reportedly much bleaker in tone. It didn't have the pseudo-cenobites such as "Barbie" and "CD Head," and the ending of the film involved Joey willingly becoming Pinhead's "bride" in exchange for fortune and success.


Trivia: Peter Jackson was reportedly asked to direct, and while he entertained the notion, he ultimately turned down the opportunity as at the time he mainly worked on broad comedic horror films and felt he would not be a good fit for the material.


Continuity mistake: When Pinhead is just about to start killing everyone in The Boiler Room nightclub, a man catches the first hooked chain that Pinhead unleashes. Yet when you look closely as you see the man holding the chain there is no hook, but a piece of wire.

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Question: When Pinhead kills JP Monroe, what is the device that is affixed to Monroe's head that is also part of his Cenobite form?


Chosen answer: It's a piston. 2 piston rods are jammed through his head and they move powered by something unknown. You can see the crank shaft and part of some sort of cylinder. A piston is part of an internal combustion engine. It's part of his cenobite form since he liked cars.


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