Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

Continuity mistake: When Pinhead is just about to start killing everyone in The Boiler Room nightclub, a man catches the first hooked chain that Pinhead unleashes. Yet when you look closely as you see the man holding the chain there is no hook, but a piece of wire.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Pinhead is in the church, he stands behind the table, and the candle to the right of him is straight. He then pushes the cross off the front, look at the candle, it is now on a slant then in a split second the candle is straight again as if it had never been touched.

Continuity mistake: In the first hospital scene, where a kid dies by the hook-tipped chains in the operating room, there is a point where his head just explodes. Later, when Joey opens the door, for a second you can clearly see the kid's body, still with a head.

Revealing mistake: When Pinhead is killing the patrons at the club and they are running away to try and escape, you can see some of them laughing instead of screaming like they should be.


Continuity mistake: At the end of the film Pinhead tricks Joey into giving him the puzzle box by posing as her dead father. As soon as she hands the box over he takes a knife (or sickle or whatever it is) from his belt with his left hand and poises to strike. Then it cuts to a shot from behind and he's now gripping the knife with his right hand.

Deliberate mistake: Joey finds Channard's photo of Capt. Elliot Spencer in the closed art gallery but Kirsty stole that photo and gave it to Pinhead in the second film, where it was left on the floor of Hell. Also, all the sketches of the box were amongst the things from Channard's institute but those pictures and the other similar ones were from Dr. Channard's home collection. They were never kept at the institute.

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Suggested correction: It was actually in a room in the institute. Not hell. Easy enough to retrieve it.


Deliberate mistake: As Joey is running down the street and having things blow up all around her, you can see other people walking on the sidewalk not reacting to the destruction around them, even when something blows up just a few feet from them.


Revealing mistake: After Joey runs from the club into the street and a car swerves to avoid her, it hits a lamppost which causes sparks; but look closely and you can see that the sparks appear just a split second before the car actually hits the post. The sparks were rigged and set off a second too early.

Continuity mistake: At the end after Pinhead has 'absorbed' Elliot and Elliot pushes through to tell her to work the box, her hands are clean. Then she reaches for the dropped box and her fingers are bloody, causing her fingers to slip on the front of the box and stop her working it.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Joey goes to meet Doc at the Boiler Room and drives her car past his, you can see Doc's car door is open. When Joey goes to Doc's car, that door is shut and she opens it to look inside.

Continuity mistake: One of the chains reaches from the sewer and grabs Joey by the sweater during the chase scene. Every time the chains are used in the other films, they are incredibly accurate. One grabs Frank by the hand, as he grabs for Kirsty in the first film, and another effectively blocks Kirsty's way in the second, but now they can only grab Joey's sweater. [Pinhead deliberately makes the chains miss because he's just trying to intimidate Joey at this point. He can't kill her until she gives him the box.]

Revealing mistake: When Joey gets "cut" by the chain in the hospital in the beginning, pay attention. In the shot where she gets "cut," you can plainly see all that happens is the chains slap a little blood on her ankle without any signs of actual damage. Then, a few shots later, there's a very quick closeup of the "cut," and you can see that all they did was paint a little gooey "blood" over the top of her pantyhose, which aren't ripped through at all. (Nor is there a visible cut, either).


Visible crew/equipment: When Joey enters the nightclub at the beginning of the film, you can see the camera's shadow pass over the doorman on the right side of screen as it follows her inside.


Revealing mistake: When Pinhead kills Sandy, his chains attack her, then they lift her up, and her stunt double is visible because her hair is much shorter and her face is completely different.

Deliberate mistake: The film was supposed to be taking place in New York City yet you only see NYC twice when Joey is riding the city bus and another view of the Twin Towers during another scene. Yet is obvious she is not in New York City after running from the Boiler Room and being chased by the Centobites. Even the police cars and uniforms are not NYPD they say Summit Police. Also, if that kind of destruction was going on there would be several more than only two cruisers and three cops.

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Trivia: When Joey's television set is flipping through the channels all by itself, on one of the channels is an interview with Tony Hickox, the director of the film.

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Question: When Pinhead kills JP Monroe, what is the device that is affixed to Monroe's head that is also part of his Cenobite form?

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Chosen answer: It's a piston. 2 piston rods are jammed through his head and they move powered by something unknown. You can see the crank shaft and part of some sort of cylinder. A piston is part of an internal combustion engine. It's part of his cenobite form since he liked cars.


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