Hogan's Heroes

Tanks for the Memory - S2-E9

Plot hole: The boys take out the radio control unit from the mini tank. Le Beau is needed to get in and drive it to make it appear okay. After going between the buildings, they get him out, and start it on its way. Trouble is, no remote control and no driver, yet it turns and operates smoothly.

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Tanks for the Memory - S2-E9

Plot hole: When the tank runs into Burkhalter's car, it and the car are destroyed. The guard tower is outside the fence. After the collision, you see the debris is covered by the tower roof. How did the tower get that far inside the wire?

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Man's Best Friend Is Not His Dog - S4-E6

Revealing mistake: As Schultz holds Newkirk's hat during the search, you can see "Dawson" written on the inside band. This was to insure that Richard Dawson (Newkirk) always had the right wardrobe pieces.

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Movies Are Your Best Escape - S1-E8

Captain: Auf Wiedersehen, Colonel. Heil Hitler!
Klink: Heil Hitler, and get out.

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Trivia: During WW2 Robert Clary, who played Louis LeBeau, had been imprisoned at Drancy internment camp in France, and at Buchenwald Nazi concentration camp where he was tattooed with the number "A5714." He was the youngest of 14 children. Twelve members of his immediate family were sent to Auschwitz, and perished.

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