Hogan's Heroes

Hogan's Heroes (1965)

Episode list

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Show generally 30
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 The Informer 7
2 Hold That Tiger 4
3 Kommandant of the Year 2
4 The Late Inspector General 0
5 The Flight of the Valkyrie 1
6 The Prisoner's Prisoner 0
7 German Bridge Is Falling Down 2
8 Movies Are Your Best Escape 4
9 Go Light on the Heavy Water 4
10 Top Hat, White Tie and Bomb Sights 5
11 Happiness Is a Warm Sergeant 1
12 The Scientist 3
13 Hogan's Hofbrau 4
14 Oil for the Lamps of Hogan 2
15 Reservations Are Required 2
16 Anchors Aweigh, Men of Stalag 13 8
17 Happy Birthday, Adolf 1
18 The Gold Rush 7

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Captain: Auf Wiedersehen, Colonel. Heil Hitler!
Klink: Heil Hitler, and get out.



General Burkhalter is eating Klink's dinner. When finished he places a metal cover over the plate. In the next shot the cover is lying on the table and there is extra food on the plate.



When Klink is begging Hogan to trade places with him for fear of assassination, he says to him something like."I want to live til 80...all my family has lived til 80." Werner Klemperer, who played Klink, passed away in 2000 aged 80.