Best TV plot holes of 1965

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Plot hole: After Rex learned that he was not really a DiMera but in fact a Brady, he suddenly became "poor." But a lot of things don't add up. Firstly, after Tony died, there was never a funeral or a will reading shown, but it seems likely that the twins would have been left something. Secondly, Rex graduated from college in the spring of 2003 and is an incredible genius who invented a laser that turns coal into diamonds. So although he might be on his own financially, he should be able to get a pretty good job without much trouble, but there's no indication that he has even tried. But Rex being poor has instead become a significant plot device, because Bonnie does not want him to marry her daughter Mimi as a direct result of it.

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Plot hole: In real life Oliver would never have put up with Mr. Haney's nonsense, especially being a NYC lawyer, Mr. Haney would have been sued countless times.

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The Wedding - S5-E11

Plot hole: In the episode "There Goes the Bride," Haji warns Jeannie that she will lose her powers if she marries Tony. Yet, she marries him in this episode and does not lose her powers.

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Rockets or Romance - S6-E24

Plot hole: Hogan has his men play romantic music over the radio. Earlier they were afraid of the radio in the observation post being detected. Elsewhere in the series, they try to avoid sending too long to avoid being homed in on - which is correct. Now, if they were to play a whole record at once, wouldn't the homing devices pick up on the transmitter at the camp?

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The Night of the Deadly Blossom - S2-E25

Plot hole: There are two rockets to be launched. The right rocket launches. It is important for the plot for the remaining rocket to explode without being launched. Without explanation, the left rocket just falls off its ramp, lands on the floor and shortly explodes. (00:46:10)

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Schwartz's Island - S4-E13

Plot hole: When the watch is sucked to the island by the magnet, where was the sailor that the watch was attached to?

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Happy Birthday... Everybody - S3-E20

Plot hole: After a chance meeting in Mexico, Tom Matthews invites Kelly and Scott to his home for dinner. The address is unlisted, neither knows where the other lives or is staying, and no address or phone information is exchanged before they part. But Kelly and Scott somehow find the house anyway. (00:09:50)

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Target: Earth - S3-E16

Plot hole: The Jupiter 2 crew is duplicated; however, the aliens had never seen Penny (or Judy I think). How can they be duplicated? The aliens don't have ability to know who were there, or they wouldn't have questioned Smith about the crew. Also, they do not know Smith and Will are hiding. So, they don't arm to have any special power to know beyond what they actually observe.

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