Hogan's Heroes

Heil Klink - S2-E22

Other mistake: When the camera pans left following Brauner's car, you can see palm trees in the background. The area the Stalag is supposed to be in wouldn't have palm trees.

Hogan and the Lady Doctor - S2-E20

Other mistake: As Hogan and company listen to Klink's office, the lid is on the speaker, so they shouldn't have been heard or at all.

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Everyone Has a Brother-in-Law - S2-E23

Other mistake: When the boys are listening on the coffee pot, the red light to indicate power is not lit.

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Information Please - S2-E15

Other mistake: When the boys are listening to Klink's office, the lid is on the speaker instead of being off.

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A Klink, a Bomb and a Short Fuse - S2-E8

Other mistake: After Burkhalter gives Klink the order to help disarm the bomb, the camera cuts to Hogan and Klink. Between them and over the barracks, you can see the Desilu water tower.

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The Schultz Brigade - S2-E2

Other mistake: Hogan is listening to Klink's office with the coffee pot, and the clear top is still on the basket that is the speaker, but you can hear Klink.

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Don't Forget to Write - S2-E13

Other mistake: When the recruiting officer is talking to Klink, Hogan and company listen in, as usual. The problem is the coffee pot. Any other time, they take off the top, take out the basket (which is the speaker) and plug in the power: this time, they forgot to remove the top to hear it, which would have muffled the sound. But the conversation was heard just the same.

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Operation Briefcase - S2-E4

Other mistake: When the General arrives at Camp 13 and is greeted by Klink, he notices Hogan and ask Klink who he is. Klink only says he's the Senior POW, the General sends his Aide to get Hogan. The Aide addresses Hogan by name, but Klink never said Hogan's name. (00:07:40)


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