Married... with Children

Just Married ... With Children - S2-E20

Factual error: In the game show near the end, when Marcy and Steve come out as Al and Peggy. When the real Al and Peggy win the car, because they used Marcy and Steve's names, the car would have never gone to the real Al and Peggy. In reality, it would have gone to Steve and Marcy because it was won under their names. Al and Peggy would not have been able to keep the car. In fact Al and Peggy would not have been allowed to be on the show at all using someone else's name.


Poppy's By the Tree (2) - S2-E2

Plot hole: Al and Peg are upstairs with the killer. Both of them are screaming, but downstairs, you can't hear anything. Everyone is sitting around talking. It's not until Al and Peg scream again that everyone runs upstairs. And you can tell the screams were "on cue" also.


Rock and Roll Girl - S4-E15

Deliberate mistake: When the family is trying to get money from Al at the start of the episode, he throws it on the ground making the rest of the family to dive on it and you can see Bud get it, then throw the bunch of money in the middle of Kelly, Peg and Bud so they can all get to it instead of taking it all. (00:02:10)


The Mystery of Skull Island - S6-E14

Continuity mistake: When the grown-ups are playing 'Ethical dilemma' Peggy lands on the field 'Sexual intimacy' (the field right after 'Start' with a one-word-title). Four minutes later in the show Al lands on the same field - but now it's 'Caring'. They can't have turned the game board because all the cards on it are in the same position. (00:09:40 - 00:13:40)

The Unnatural - S5-E4

Factual error: The final scenes titled "Kankakee 1991" show desert scenery in the background; Kankakee, Illinois is in the Midwest US, which is almost entirely grassland and no desert.


He Ain't Much, But He's Mine - S4-E5

Plot hole: Marcy gets her hair done like Pegs. Everyone makes fun of her saying she looks ridiculous. All she has to do is wash it! Its obviously held up with hairspray but Marcy acts like there's nothing she can do about it.


The Mystery of Skull Island - S6-E14

Al Bundy: "I Care", by Al Bundy. When hooters jiggle around and I find nickels on the ground, I care. When a Mustang engine purrs and the bathroom is not hers, I care. When the pitchers on the mound and the wife is underground, I care. But when I've been playing this for days, I will kill anyone who stays, I SWEAR!

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Dial 'B' for Virgin - S9-E7

Trivia: When Al and Peg are in the video store looking for a movie to rent, the video store is giving away free copies of the movie Dutch. Dutch is a comedy that starred Ed O'Neill.

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