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Suggested correction: This wasn't a continuous shot though, we just don't know where they get the insignia, it could have been in his pocket. Both Kirk and Sulu are on the planet's surface without their insignia. And when "evil" Kirk beams up, he too doesn't have it on, even though later he does.


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Charlie X - S1-E3

Continuity mistake: When Capt. Kirk and Charlie enter the turbolift heading for the bridge, Kirk is wearing one style of tunic and when the turbolift arrives on the bridge, Kirk is wearing a completely different tunic. (00:15:14)

The Enemy Within - S1-E6

Continuity mistake: All during the episode there are scratches on the left cheek of the "evil" Kirk. When the "Good" Kirk and the evil Kirk confront each other on the bridge, there's a shot where the scratches are on the right cheek of the evil Kirk.

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Mudd's Women - S1-E7

Continuity mistake: As the women are beaming aboard in the transporter room, McCoy's uniform switches from the standard blue tunic to his short-sleeved medical smock and back again between shots. (00:05:55)

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The Man Trap - S1-E2

Continuity mistake: When Rand brings Sulu the plate of food, it has a bowl of colored cubes on it. Then there's a cut to a close-up of Sulu eating the cubes when Green is staring at it, and the bowl is now a plate. Then in the long shot it's a bowl again. (00:24:22)

The Omega Glory - S2-E23

Continuity mistake: Kirk and McCoy are in the Exeter's engineering section when Kirk uses the intercom to ask if anyone is aboard. Several shots of the deserted ship follow as his voice echoes off the walls, including one of engineering - with Kirk and McCoy suddenly, mysteriously absent. (00:03:45)

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Charlie X - S1-E3

Continuity mistake: Kirk first says the Antares is a cargo vessel, but after it explodes he calls it a science probe vessel. When playing chess with Spock, he refers to it as a survey ship. (00:00:06)

The Naked Time - S1-E5

Continuity mistake: Initially, the Enterprise orbits Psi 2000 as the planet turns westward. But in later shots, on the bridge view screen, the planet has reversed directions and now turns eastward. (00:04:05 - 00:12:00)

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Tomorrow is Yesterday - S1-E20

Continuity mistake: When Kirk and Sulu enter the records room, they pick the lock. Later when they beam the officer back down, he enters the room without unlocking the door. The room should be locked since they beamed him down in the "past" erasing their having been on Earth and in the records room.


Spock's Brain - S3-E1

Continuity mistake: After Spock's Brain is taken McCoy says he has no idea how long the body can last on life support without the brain. Somehow in the following few moments McCoy has established that Mr Spock's Body will die in exactly 24 earth hours. No explanation is given as to how he came up with this figure.


The Man Trap - S1-E2

Continuity mistake: When they first arrive on the planet, the tricorder Kirk is holding for McCoy starts on his left shoulder, disappears in the next shot, then in the next shot after that reappears in his right hand.

Miri - S1-E9

Continuity mistake: The ropes tying Yeoman Rand to the chair keep changing positions (above her elbows or below her elbows) between shots. (00:39:40)

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Where No Man Has Gone Before - S1-E4

Continuity mistake: When Kirk exits the turbolift he sits in the captain's chair, and Yeoman Smith stands behind him with barely any space between them, but in the shot facing the main viewscreen Smith is gone, and in the next shot she reappears right behind Kirk again. Smith continues to disappear and reappear in following shots. (00:04:00)

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Suggested correction: Views of the tunnels made before the creature was wounded by Kirk and Spock appear almost perfectly smooth. It is explained that the creature exudes a powerful acid to dissolve the rock. This tunnel was made after the creature was wounded, so it is logical that the wounded portion of the creature would secrete less acid thus leaving an imperfection as the creature tunnels. This could be a case of incredible attention to detail by the set designer rather than an error revealed.

This correction is too much of a stretch to explain a perfect seam by the wounded Horta. Plus, if the Horta was secreting less corrosive substance, then that area would be less eroded, not more. If attention to detail was paid, then the area would have an outward seam, not an inward one.


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Journey to Babel - S2-E10

Amanda: And you, Sarek, would you also say thank you to your son?
Sarek: I don't understand.
Amanda: Well, for saving your life.
Sarek: Spock acted in the only logical manner open to him. One does not thank logic, Amanda.
Amanda: Logic, logic - I'm sick to death of logic! Do you want to know how I feel about your logic?
Spock: Emotional, isn't she?
Sarek: She has always been that way.
Spock: Indeed? Why did you marry her?
Sarek: At the time, it seemed the logical thing to do.

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What Are Little Girls Made Of? - S1-E8

Question: When the Enterprise is in orbit, it uses the Impulse engines to maintain orbit. The Impulse engines are located on the back (aft) of the primary saucer. Why were these not on or lit up? Unless they're using gravity, but there are the familiar engine sounds.

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Chosen answer: If they're in orbit, they're being pulled along by the planet's gravity well, therefore, impulse engines would only be used for minor corrections and would be "on standby" while in orbit, but not active. (Like keeping your car idling without revving the engine and creating plumes of exhaust).

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