Star Trek

Miri - S1-E8

Factual error: In the opening scene on the bridge, when Spock states the planet's properties, the circumference is given in US miles; the mass is given in metric tons; the density is given in metric grams per cubic centimeter; and the atmosphere is given as oxygen/nitrogen. No scientist of Spock’s standing would mix US and metric unit systems. The atmosphere composition should also be stated reversed as “nitrogen/oxygen” with the most abundant gas first.

00:42:00 - 00:59:00

Kenneth Schroeder
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Suggested correction: This is only true in today's standards. But we have no idea what future generations will choose to make standard.


Metamorphosis - S2-E9

Plot hole: The crew of the Galileo are stranded because there is a "dampening field" preventing the shuttle craft and its equipment from working. But the device they use to short out the "companion" works.

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Suggested correction: Since we have no idea how the field works, or the nature of the Companion, this can't be considered a mistake.

Jason Hoffman

Devil in the Dark - S1-E25

Character mistake: Kirk informs Spock via communicator the Horta is ten feet from him, and Spock insists Kirk kill it. First, both know they cannot kill it with their phasers, and second, Spock's demand for Kirk to kill the Horta runs counter to the Vulcan philosophy of respect for all life. Spock would never want to harm, let alone kill, another life form.

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Suggested correction: At this point they don't have any proof that they can't kill it, and since Kirk is in danger, it's logical to try. Also, Spock is half human and he's concerned about his best friend being killed. Logical or not, he'll want Kirk to protect himself at all costs. Other episodes have shown where Spock doesn't always behave logically when his friends are at risk and he lets his emotions come out.


This Side of Paradise - S1-E24

Continuity mistake: As Kirk sits on the deserted bridge, there is nothing out of the ordinary with him. After he sits at the helm position, the camera looks at him over the console, and there's suddenly a spore spewing plant to shoot him.

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Movie Nut
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Suggested correction: The plant did not suddenly appear, it was there from earlier in the episode.

Shore Leave - S1-E15

Revealing mistake: There is a wooden or straw hut - some kind of man-made structure - visible in the lower-left of the frame behind Kirk and Bones as they walk.


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Suggested correction: They're on a planet where their every thought can be almost instantly created in physical form. Within the context of the episode it wouldn't be unusual to see literally anything in the background. Perhaps one of them was thinking about something involving that structure and it was being constructed for them.

Jason Hoffman

The Menagerie (2) - S1-E12

Deliberate mistake: At the very end, the Talosians send a final visual transmission of Vina and Christopher Pike, now whole and happy and reunited after 13 years, holding hands as they enter the Talosian elevator in the hillside. However, in this last shot, the elevator is still half-disintegrated, exactly as it was 13 years earlier when the Enterprise crew destroyed the hillside with a laser cannon. Within the context of "The Menagerie" storyline, this suggests that the Talosians never attempted to repair the elevator for 13 years (even though they continued using it). This incongruity is due to Gene Roddenberry cannibalizing his Star Trek pilot "The Cage," which contained zero footage of Jeffrey Hunter and Susan Oliver entering the intact elevator together (only the destroyed elevator). So, Roddenberry deliberately tried to "slip one by" the audience in this brief shot.

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Charles Austin Miller
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Suggested correction: There are reasons why the elevator would appear damaged. As the Talosians were in control of everything shown on the ship's viewer, the entire scene could be an illusion, or at least the elevator's condition may have been, with the Talosians choosing to allow the viewers to see the elevator in the same condition they last saw it. Just as likely, however, is that the Talosians truly never did reconstruct the elevator, as the whole point of their having a menagerie of other beings was an attempt to breed a race that could physically serve them, for their concentration on their mental powers had led to a complete inability and unwillingness to perform physical tasks (like repairing an elevator).

Still, as long as the Talosians are creating the illusion of Christopher Pike and Vina in their "restored" bodies, why not create an illusion of the elevator and hillside restored, as well? One big illusion of restoration, rather than a composite of dismal reality and happy-ending illusion? Again, to the point of my original post, the obvious incongruity is due to Roddenberry using the only happy-ending footage he possessed, that of Pike and Vina entering the half-obliterated elevator as they did at the end of "The Cage." Certainly, if Roddenberry only had the foresight to shoot Jeffrey Hunter and Susan Oliver entering the intact elevator, he would have used that footage instead. Any attempt to explain away the 13-year incongruity is mere wishful thinking.

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Spock: Live long and prosper.



When Kirk and Sulu enter the records room, they pick the lock. Later when they beam the officer back down, he enters the room without unlocking the door. The room should be locked since they beamed him down in the "past" erasing their having been on Earth and in the records room.



Gene Roddenberry created the transporter as an easier (and cheaper) way of getting Enterprise crew members onto a planet's surface, rather than landing the ship on the planet.