Star Trek
Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally 4
Season 1
Season 1 generally 1
1 The Cage 5
2 The Man Trap 12
3 Charlie X 19
4 Where No Man Has Gone Before 14
5 The Naked Time 17
6 The Enemy Within 10
7 Mudd's Women 5
8 What Are Little Girls Made Of? 7
9 Miri 21
10 Dagger of the Mind 2
11 The Corbomite Maneuver 11
12 The Menagerie (1) 4
13 The Menagerie (2) 6
14 The Conscience of the King 5
15 Balance of Terror 11
16 Shore Leave 16
17 The Galileo Seven 14
18 The Squire of Gothos 9

Is There in Truth No Beauty? - S3-E5

Other mistake: In the final scene, Kirk is still in the transporter room, but does not have on a visor when the ambassador transports out. Spock has his visor on, but then you see Kirk walk out of the transporter room without a visor and he is not going mad.

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Spock: Live long and prosper.

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Trivia: Gene Roddenberry created the transporter as an easier (and cheaper) way of getting Enterprise crew members onto a planet's surface, rather than landing the ship on the planet.

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I, Mudd - S2-E8

Question: When Kirk and crew neutralized all the androids on the planet, what happened to the androids on the Enterprise running the ship?

Answer: After causing Norman to overload, all of the other androids shut down. The same could be said for the androids on the Enterprise.

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