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Assignment: Earth - S2-E26

Continuity mistake: Gary Seven is talking to his computer, we then switch to Kirk and Co and after a few moments with them we cut back to Gary Seven. Somehow in that time, while talking to his computer he changed his clothes. (00:13:40)


The Trouble With Tribbles - S2-E15

Continuity mistake: When Kirk and McCoy dispute about the tribbles on the Enterprise bridge, Kirk holds the two tribbles in his hands at alternate heights. In the shots where McCoy's face is seen, he holds them next under his chins, but when Kirk's face is seen, he holds them at chest level.

Journey to Babel - S2-E10

Continuity mistake: When Sarek enters the banquet room to take his medication, the Tellarite sitting at the table holds a glass in his right hand. In all the full shots with Sarek in the foreground, the glass switches to the Tellarite's left hand. In all the close-ups of him, it's back in his right again. (00:14:50)

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Suggested correction: Short version is, the Enterprise has more than one transporter room. The Animated Series references at least four on the Enterprise from this era. There are also cargo transporters, which aren't normally calibrated for personnel, but can be, albeit at reduced capacity and increased energy usage.

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Suggested correction: When Kirk and Sulu are on the planet, they're shown not wearing the insignia. When "good" Kirk beams up, he too doesn't have the insignia. We just don't know where it came from, it could have been in their pocket.


The insignia is not removable, it's permanently attached. They wouldn't be able to remove it. The idea of a removable insignia wasn't introduced until STTNG.

While it might have been sewn on for production purposes, I saw this episode as indicating it was removable given the fact that they weren't wearing one on the planet. Plus, there have been other officers whose insignia is not sewn on in TOS.


The City on the Edge of Forever - S1-E29

Continuity mistake: The bundle of clothes Kirk steals from the balcony changes several times while he and Spock face the policeman. The red shirt is not visible, then is hanging down on the right, then isn't. It then disappears from view until they reach Edith's basement, where Kirk puts it on. Two belts, two jackets and Spock's cap also seem to have added themselves to the bundle somehow. They're not there when Kirk first dismantles the tangle of clothes in the basement.

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Arena - S1-E19

Continuity mistake: After the battle ends, Kirk looks up to the exact spot where the Metron will be standing, way before the Metron even materializes. (00:45:53)

Arena - S1-E19

Continuity mistake: After Kirk tells the Metrons that he won't kill the Gorn, he yells out "you'll have to get your entertainment someplace else." Two seconds later, Kirk turns his head to the side and looks stunned. That look of surprise takes place a full second before the Gorn starts to disappear. (00:45:47)

Obsession - S2-E13

Continuity mistake: On the planet surface, in the scene where the three security men walk around the rock, Garrovick has his arm up with his phaser. When the camera angle cuts to him alone, his arm is suddenly down.

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Charlie X - S1-E3

Visible crew/equipment: After McCoy examines Charlie and they talk about how Charlie learned to talk by just listening to the ship's tapes, when Charlie stands up the two actors' marks can be seen on the floor - the short one for Charlie and the longer one for McCoy, where they both will stand momentarily. (00:04:56)

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Journey to Babel - S2-E10

Amanda: And you, Sarek, would you also say thank you to your son?
Sarek: I don't understand.
Amanda: Well, for saving your life.
Sarek: Spock acted in the only logical manner open to him. One does not thank logic, Amanda.
Amanda: Logic, logic - I'm sick to death of logic! Do you want to know how I feel about your logic?
Spock: Emotional, isn't she?
Sarek: She has always been that way.
Spock: Indeed? Why did you marry her?
Sarek: At the time, it seemed the logical thing to do.

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Who Mourns for Adonais? - S2-E2

Trivia: An ending that was planned but abandoned for this episode would have revealed that Lieutenant Palamas was pregnant with Apollo's child.

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I, Mudd - S2-E8

Question: When Kirk and crew neutralized all the androids on the planet, what happened to the androids on the Enterprise running the ship?

Answer: After causing Norman to overload, all of the other androids shut down. The same could be said for the androids on the Enterprise.

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