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Tree House of Horror XII - S13-E1

Corrected entry: In the leprechaun short episode, a lot of things attend the wedding, including Kang and Kodos, the space aliens. One of Kang/Kodos starts crying and says: "I always secrete ocular fluid at weddings." Yet, in another clip episode, the space aliens invade Homer's Roasting Hour. Lisa thinks they're crying, but they say that they are vomiting from their eyes. Yet, in this episode, one of them starts to cry.

Correction: The key words here are "they say". We have no idea if they are telling the truth or if they are crying when they tell this to Lisa. Besides this, we also have no idea about how the bodies of the aliens work. It could be that both their crying AND their vomiting takes place through the same channels (the tearducts).


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