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All's Fair in Oven War - S16-E2

Corrected entry: It takes two years for Marge's kitchen to be finished, but Bart and Milhouse are still planning their Playdude treehouse as if no time has passed at all. Surely in two years they would have either lost interest or finished making the Playdude treehouse? It only takes them a few weeks to get it up and running once the kitchen is finished.

Correction: Kids often get sidetracked doing something else, and come back to doing what they were doing when they have time.

All's Fair in Oven War - S16-E2

Corrected entry: In the episode "Selma's Choice" Lisa suggests artificial insemination to Selma proving she knows how a baby is made, then why in this episode she goes off screaming after Bart tells her how after reading the Playdude magazines?

Correction: She knows how an egg is fertilised. It doesn't mean she knows how the sperm get there naturally.

Gary O'Reilly

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