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Walter Kresby: She's not a robot. She never was. I couldn't do it.
Mike Wellington: Why not?
Walter Kresby: Because she's not a science project. Because I didn't marry something from RadioShack.
Mike Wellington: That's a shame.
Joanna Eberhart: No. That's a man.

Bobbie Markowitz: Add it up. All the women around here are perfect sex-kitten bimbos. All the men are drooling nerds. Doesn't that seem strange?
Joanna Eberhart: Not to me.
Bobbie Markowitz: Why not?
Joanna Eberhart: I work in television.

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Charles Stoker: She always used to say: "There's nothing a man could master that a woman couldn't make."
India Stoker: What do you mean?
Evelyn Stoker: That sounds better in French.

Evelyn Stoker: India, who are you? You were supposed to love me, weren't you?

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Sarah Miller: Open it so we can all die, 'cause I don't give a fuck anymore.

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