Before I Go to Sleep

Before I Go to Sleep (2014)

Ending / spoiler

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The man claiming to be Ben is not Christine's husband, but is the man she had an affair with, and is the one who attacked her, causing her memory problems. She realises this when they go to the same hotel room where he first attacked her. They fight again, and she eventually knocks him unconscious and escapes, eventually being reunited in hospital with the real Ben and her now-older son, Adam. The state of her memory is left unclear.

Jon Sandys

Plot hole: The whole movie plot relies on a very unlikely assumption: that the ex-husband would not visit Kidman at her mental institution where he put her in, nor call for any news at all, for four whole years... Even though divorced, they still share a common child! And what about the parents / siblings / extended family/ friends of Kidman? Would they also never visit for four whole years? If any one of them had, then they would have known the (fake) ex-husband had taken her out and would have called the real husband to get news. Then Kidman would have been reported as kidnapped.


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Question: Near the end while Mike is in the car talking to Chrissie, why does the cell phone on the console show a call from Claire if Claire is not conspiring with Mike and is ignorant of his deception?

Answer: It wasn't his cell. He took Chrissie's cell.

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