Moulin Rouge

Trivia: At the beginning, right after Christian sings the 'hills are alive' line, the unconscious Argentinian says something about him having lots of talent, and 'happens' to put his hand on his crotch. Then later in the movie, when Satine is unbuttoning his pants when they are in the elephant for the first time, she calls him a 'big boy' and Toulouse says he has HUGE talent.

Trivia: OK, not a mistake, but just to stop all the easily-excited teenage boys submitting it... In the scene where Christian is reciting poetry to Satine and she is rolling on the floor, for a brief moment, you can see Nicole Kidman's nipple.

Trivia: Baz Luhrmanns films have the on going theme of "L'amour" or forbidden love. Not only in Moulin Rouge, but also in Romeo Juliet and Strictly Ballroom, the red "L'amour" sign can be scene in the background as part of the set. The L'amour sign was a set piece from Baz Luhrmanns first staging of La Boheme and he puts it in every one of his movies.

Trivia: Jake Gyllenhaal auditioned several times for the part of Christian, but was ultimately deemed too young to play opposite Nicole Kidman.

Trivia: In the scene when the Duke asks for the ending of the play to be changed, look in the background and you'll see an elaborately decorated horse. this horse was originally supposed to be in the production (as proposed in the 'Spectacular, Sectacular' number). The floor was specially reinforced for the weight of the horse but for some reason the horse's scene was cut from the movie and he can only be seen in two short shots.

Trivia: The "placeholder" name of the Duke (Richard Roxburgh) during the writing of the script was Count Von Groovy.

Trivia: The sign where Christian is staying says "l'amour fou" which means 'the foolish love'.

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Trivia: In the scene at the beginning where the camera pans through Montmarte, there is a close up of a prostitute. This is Tara Morice, who Baz Luhrmann fans will recognize as Fran from Strictly Ballroom.

Trivia: Originally, the green fairy was going to be a long-haired muscle man with a giant sitar, and Ozzy Osbourne was hired to provide the vocals. Eventually it was changed to the current "Tinker Bell" incarnation, played by Kylie Minogue, but Osbourne still gives voice to the fairy's guttural scream when it turns evil.

Trivia: When Satine and Christian are romping around on the floor, in the background there is a picture of two women having sex one with bright red hair (Nicole Kidman, perhaps?) and the other one with brown hair - I have no idea who that is, any ideas?

Continuity mistake: After Harry Zidler first sees Christian and Satine kissing, when they stop kissing, Satine's lipstick switches from being smeared to perfectly done and bright red when she walks and when Zidler is talking to her about having to end the infatuation.

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Toulouse-Lautrec: The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love, and be loved in return.

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