Moulin Rouge

Easter egg: On the second disc of the set choose the 'More' option on the main menu. On the next screen, select the back option at the bottom and then press the down button on your control. This will select a fairy. Press select and you will be shown lots of outtakes.


Easter egg: On second DVD: Go to "This story is about.". Highlight first option and go left once. A green fairy will show, click enter.

Easter egg: On the second DVD: from main menu go to the Cutting Room. Highlight "main menu" at the bottom, click left. A red mill is showing. Hit enter. You'll find an outtake.

Easter egg: On second DVD: From main menu go to more, go to "The dance". Chose option 1 (The dance) Highlight "A word from Baz", go left and then hit enter on the green fairy.

Easter egg: On the second disk of the 2 DVD set, from the main menu highlight the stars, then highlight more, highlight John Leguizamo, hit the up arrow to select a green fairy and see a clip of John as the Magical Sitar.

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