The Beguiled
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John McBurney: I'd like to thank you for all of this, as well. It looks - like just about the finest meal I've ever seen.
Martha Farnsworth: Well, bon appetit.

Alicia: We can show 'em some really Southern hospitality.

John McBurney: A toast to you, Miss Martha. You must be the bravest woman I've ever known.
Martha Farnsworth: No. No. All bravery is, is doing what's needed at the time.

Martha Farnsworth: It's seems the enemy... it's not what we believed.

Martha Farnsworth: Hmm, that's what we're gonna do. We're gonna make a nice supper... We'll invite him for a big send-off.

Martha Farnsworth: I have to say, when they saw me they said, "there is nothing more frightening than a startled woman with a gun."

Martha Farnsworth: Is your leg paining you?
John McBurney: Some.
Martha Farnsworth: Well, I hear numbness would be more grave.
John McBurney: Indeed.
Martha Farnsworth: There is some brandy if you wish.
John McBurney: Oh, now that would be a pleasure.
Martha Farnsworth: It's not being offered for your pleasure, only for your comfort.

Martha Farnsworth: Bring me the anatomy book.

Martha Farnsworth: You're our most unwelcome visitor, and we do not propose to entertain you.
John McBurney: You'll find I'm... easily amused.
Martha Farnsworth: You won't be here long enough for that.

John McBurney: Well, well, well. What are you lovely Southern ladies learning today? The art of castration?

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