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Far and Away (1992)

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Factual error: When Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise arrive in America, the year is 1892, but the flags being passed out at the pier have 50 stars on them. In 1892, there were 44 states.

Continuity mistake: When Mr. McGuire is shot, he falls down, and Shannon's spoons spill out all over the ground. In an overhead shot, all the spoons are snatched up by bystanders, but then it cuts to a ground-level shot, and they're back on the ground, getting snatched up again.

Continuity mistake: After Shannon has been shot and Joseph takes her to her parents' house, he lays her on a chair in the living room. First she is facing the wall, in the next shot she is lying flat, then she is facing the opposite wall.

Revealing mistake: When Shannon is playing the band music on the piano at the beginning, the movements of her hands don't match the notes heard.


Continuity mistake: When Shannon falls off the horse into the water, near the end of the film, in shots of her immediately afterwards, her hair and clothes are surprisingly dry for someone who has just plunged top to toe into a river.

Other mistake: They are supposed to be in Oklahoma for the land run, but the terrain is nothing like that portion of Oklahoma! You can see the mountains in the distance.

Continuity mistake: In addition to the poor blood makeup on Shannon's face (where the blood looks like it's starting to dry,) she starts wiping it off with her handkerchief, and despite not having soap, water, or a mirror, she manages to get every speck off in just a few seconds.


Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie when Shannon is comforting Joseph who has been injured after falling off his horse, her hand is on his face in one shot and then from the other angle it isn't, this problem continues throughout the scene.

Continuity mistake: When Joseph and Shannon go to see the Irish ward boss (Colm Meany) Shannon is squirted with blood from the boxing match. In the following shots she has the worst looking painted on blood splatter I have ever seen.

Continuity mistake: When Mr. Christie's house burns down we see the wooden furniture and the piano in full flame. After the fire the piano is still there - hardly burnt at all.

John Grungl

Continuity mistake: Before Joseph claims his land, Shannon's boyfriend gets wet in the river, but when he attacks Joseph his hair and clothes are dry.


Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the movie when Shannon is comforting Joseph who has been injured after falling off his horse, the sun looks like afternoon or evening, but the career started at noon.


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Trivia: Director Ron Howard wasn't happy with Nicole Kidman's facial reaction during the shooting of the scene where her character lifts the bowl covering Joseph's (her husband Tom Cruise's) crotch. Without telling Kidman, he asked Cruise to remove his underwear. Howard got the reaction he wanted, and it appears in the film.

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