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Corrected entry: In the scene when they are all racing to get the land to own, there are several women racing by themselves. Women couldn't own property in the 19th century, so why would they bother to race for it themselves?

Correction: Single women could own property. Married women were property themselves, so anything they had went to their men. Plus, this is the American west - before it was divided up into states and incorporated into the United States, and women could vote in most of the territories. Owning property would be a small thing.


Continuity mistake: When Mr. McGuire is shot, he falls down, and Shannon's spoons spill out all over the ground. In an overhead shot, all the spoons are snatched up by bystanders, but then it cuts to a ground-level shot, and they're back on the ground, getting snatched up again.

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Trivia: Director Ron Howard wasn't happy with Nicole Kidman's facial reaction during the shooting of the scene where her character lifts the bowl covering Joseph's (her husband Tom Cruise's) crotch. Without telling Kidman, he asked Cruise to remove his underwear. Howard got the reaction he wanted, and it appears in the film.

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