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Corrected entry: In the scene when they are all racing to get the land to own, there are several women racing by themselves. Women couldn't own property in the 19th century, so why would they bother to race for it themselves?

Correction: Single women could own property. Married women were property themselves, so anything they had went to their men. Plus, this is the American west - before it was divided up into states and incorporated into the United States, and women could vote in most of the territories. Owning property would be a small thing.


Continuity mistake: After Shannon has been shot and Joseph takes her to her parents' house, he lays her on a chair in the living room. First she is facing the wall, in the next shot she is lying flat, then she is facing the opposite wall.

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Joseph Donnelly: Maybe this is my destiny. On his death bed, my father told me he'd be watching me from up above. I wonder now if his spirit might be near, guiding me along.
Shannon Christie: If he bumps into Mr. McGuire up there, tell him I want my spoons back.

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Trivia: Shannon and Joseph's mean boss at the chicken plant is played by director Ron Howard's brother, Clint.


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