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Jack Wyatt: Umm... This is terrible.
Uncle Arthur: I know! I just... love to blend.

Ritchie: That's it. You're fired.
Isabel Bigelow: Doesn't matter... I quit! Yeah, so you better call my agent.
Jim Fields: You don't have an agent.
Isabel Bigelow: Then call my cable man.

Maria Kelly: Oh, and when you go out with a guy be sure he has a brother or a friend who is single before you call me.

Isabel Bigelow: Your life is total instant gratification, Daddy.
Nigel Bigelow: It's fantastic, isn't it?
Isabel Bigelow: No. No, it's not. Because how do you know that anyone really loves you for yourself? It's like those rich men who are never sure why women sleep with them.
Nigel Bigelow: But women sleep with them, so it's not really a problem.

Jack Wyatt: Where is my dog? I will die if I do not have him back! Do you understand me? I will DIE if I DO not have HIM back.

Nina: There must be a solution.
Isabel Bigelow: No, there isn't. We're at The Coffee Bean, and there is... no... solution.

Nina: Let's set fire to his trailer. Let's just do it.

Isabel Bigelow: Guess what? I'm a witch.
Jack Wyatt: Guess what? I'm a Clippers fan.

Jack Wyatt: I'm going to be killed by a fictional character.
Uncle Arthur: Yes, you are.

Jack Wyatt: So, were your parents in the witch business?
Isabel Bigelow: Both of them. My mother fixed the 1986 World Series.
Stu Robison: Someone make a note of that.

Jack Wyatt: Endora, you rancid fruit bag, get out of my room.

Nina: We could electrocute him. There's ton of wires around here.

Isabel Bigelow: You're sweating again - I love it when you sweat.

Jack Wyatt: Party at my house.

Isabel Bigelow: Oh, we're going to kiss aren't we?
Jack Wyatt: I thought so. But, thanks for ruining the moment Miss Narrator.

Jack Wyatt: Let's make love in a hot-air balloon - let's make love in a candy factory - let's make love in a petting zoo.
Isabel Bigelow: I have to undo this.
Jack Wyatt: Let's make love at Sea World on the back of a killer whale.

Jack Wyatt: Watch the road.
Uncle Arthur: Hey, is it Porsche, or Porsha?

Continuity mistake: When Jack is asking Isabel out on a date as they're standing by their trailers, he's very excited and walking backwards towards his trailer. His bicycle is behind him and it looks like he's just about to trip over it. When the camera cuts back to him, he's closer his trailer door and hasn't fallen over the bicycle, but it's not visible behind him anymore either.

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Trivia: After Isabel tells Jacks that she's a witch, he asks, "Am I gonna get pregnant? Because I cannot get pregnant right now." Endora cast a spell causing Darrin to feel the same pregnancy symptoms that Samantha was feeling in an early episode of the original series, "Bewitched".

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