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Jesse James: So we got a plan?
Bob: Yeah, my plan of lying here pissing myself seems to be working mighty fine, thank you.

Cole: Sadie was a beautiful woman, Sadie was not a man.
Jesse James: She had a mustache, a nice mustache.
Frank: I think she had more than a mustache.
Cole: Well, she was European.

Jesse James: Let's go home, back to our farms.
Cole: Platin' corn, harvesting corn... and eatin' corn.
Bob: The corn gonna shoot at me?
Cole: Nope.
Bob: Then I love it.

Bob: Cole lost his temper.
Frank: Oh no.
Bob: Well, he just lost his temper a little.
Jesse James: How many of 'em did he kill, Bob?

Zee Mimms: I can't believe I had to blow up a train for you.
Jesse James: Well you are a hell of a woman.
Zee Mimms: Don't swear.

Cole: Where you been buddy?
Jesse James: What's going on?
Cole: Well, nothin' really.

Jesse James: All right, settle down. Not all this money is ours.
Bob: Uh, well... no Jesse, it's the bank's... see that's why we had to go to all the trouble of stealing it.

Cole: The one time that one of us comes up with an idea.
Jesse James: A bad idea.
Cole: Hey, I got us through the war all right.
Jesse James: And nearly got hanged in peacetime.

Jesse James: Hands off your hip, Cole.
Cole: Ain't scared are ya, Jesse?
Jesse James: Pick your fights, cousin, you taught me that.

Frank: That Zerelda turned into a hell of a woman, eh?
Jesse James: Oh yeah.
Frank: "Big and older"?
Jesse James: You can shut up now, Frank.
Frank: You are a charmer.
Jesse James: I swear to god I will shoot you in your sleep.
Frank: Next time try "Fat and haggard".

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Kingpin: How do you kill a man without fear?
Bullseye: By putting the fear in him.

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Victor: I don't want you to do that. Bring me food.
Beatrice: My ma likes to cook. It'll just go to waste otherwise. I'll wedge it in between the mustard and those plastic explosives.

Albanian Hostage: We killed you. We killed you all. We killed you all.
Victor: I swear on their graves you didn't.
Albanian Hostage: We killed you all.
Victor: I swear! I swear on their graves you didn't.

Valentine Louzon: Thank you for returning my Tupperware.
Victor: Of course.
Valentine Louzon: People usually don't, like it comes with the food. Free Tupperware! Do you like the food?
Victor: Yeah, the food was... it was very good. Beatrice didn't tell you?
Valentine Louzon: She was nervous you wouldn't like her cooking. I always told her the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. One of the ways. She'll keep you well fed, that's for sure.

Beatrice: I swear sometimes. Especially when I drink.
Victor: Me too.
Beatrice: Fuck.
Victor: Shit.

Beatrice: I was involved in a car accident last year. I was a beautician before. They rebuilt part of my face, but it's... it's kind of hard to give advice on beauty now. And, uh, I have to smile a lot in my job, and most of the time it hurts to smile.
Victor: I don't get to smile so much. My work.
Beatrice: No?
Victor: No. Maybe you and I should switch jobs.

Victor: I thought you talk a lot.
Beatrice: I thought you don't.
Victor: It must be the company. Usually I don't.

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Mary Katherine: Who are you people?
Ronin: We are the Leafmen, protectors of the forest.

Mandrake: Ronin! What a surprise! I get so few guests.
Ronin: Could be the stench of death. Some people don't care for it.

Mary Katherine: I'm not from this world.
Nod: What happened? You got shrunk?
Mary Katherine: Yes.
Nod: Seriously?
Ronin: It's been a weird day for everybody.

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