Dead Man Down
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Valentine Louzon: Thank you for returning my Tupperware.
Victor: Of course.
Valentine Louzon: People usually don't, like it comes with the food. Free Tupperware! Do you like the food?
Victor: Yeah, the food was... it was very good. Beatrice didn't tell you?
Valentine Louzon: She was nervous you wouldn't like her cooking. I always told her the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. One of the ways. She'll keep you well fed, that's for sure.

Alphonse: What happened to your face?
Beatrice: Car accident. What happened to yours?

Beatrice: I swear sometimes. Especially when I drink.
Victor: Me too.
Beatrice: Fuck.
Victor: Shit.

Beatrice: I was involved in a car accident last year. I was a beautician before. They rebuilt part of my face, but it's... it's kind of hard to give advice on beauty now. And, uh, I have to smile a lot in my job, and most of the time it hurts to smile.
Victor: I don't get to smile so much. My work.
Beatrice: No?
Victor: No. Maybe you and I should switch jobs.

Victor: I thought you talk a lot.
Beatrice: I thought you don't.
Victor: It must be the company. Usually I don't.

Victor: I don't want you to do that. Bring me food.
Beatrice: My ma likes to cook. It'll just go to waste otherwise. I'll wedge it in between the mustard and those plastic explosives.

Albanian Hostage: We killed you. We killed you all. We killed you all.
Victor: I swear on their graves you didn't.
Albanian Hostage: We killed you all.
Victor: I swear! I swear on their graves you didn't.

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