Phone Booth
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Felicia: You better get out of there before he come back and kick yo' ass.

The Caller: Do you see the tourists with their video cameras, hoping the cops will shoot you so they can sell the tape to Goriest Police Shoot-outs?

The Caller: Think about it. Why would a guy with a cell phone call a woman everyday from a phone booth?
Pamela McFadden: He said it was quiet.
The Caller: Pam, that's just stupid.

Stu: The first step to being noticed is being mentioned.

The Caller: Come on Stu. You're a selfish guy. Just pick one of them and save yourself.

Capt. Ramey: Who's your lawyer?
Kelly Shepard: We don't have a lawyer.
Capt. Ramey: He specifically asked that his attorney be brought down here to negotiate his surrender.
Kelly Shepard: Well, we never needed one.
Capt. Ramey: Well, you need a good one now.

The Caller: This is exciting. You get to choose between them. Kelly. Pam. BAM BAM.

The Caller: I have no use for you Stu.

The Caller: You are going to learn to obey me.

The Caller: Come on, Stu! Don't you get the game yet?

The Caller: It's not in your best interest to disconnect me.

The Caller: Get this man a seat on Oprah.

Stu: So you'd just whack me for no particular reason?
The Caller: Oh, I've got plenty of reasons. And you keep giving me more.

The Caller: Stand up and be a man.

Capt. Ramey: And Jonah, don't look up.

Big Q: Voodoo on you-do, motherfucker, from Big Q to Big Stu.

The Caller: You're in this position because you're not telling the truth.
Stu: No, I'm in this fucking position because you have A GUN.

The Caller: The odds are even now, Stu. Isn't that what you wanted? You know where I am and you have a gun. If you have it in you, you can take me down.
Stu: Fuck! They'll kill me before I can get a shot at you.
The Caller: Ah, you're probably right. I wasn't really there anyway. You would've just spoiled some nice lady's curtains.

Stu: Where? Where are you?
The Caller: There are hundred of windows out there. Why don't you check them out?

The Caller: This guy is getting on my nerves.

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