Phone Booth

Phone Booth (2002)

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Stu is an agent for people wanting to get famous in New York city. You see him and think he's all high and mighty, like he is the greatest person on earth, but truth be told, his life isn't so glamourous. He enters a phone booth to call one of his clients - who he is using to cheat on his wife with - and they flirt a bit. Then, as Stu gets out of the phone booth, it rings. Stu of course answers it and is stuck in the game of an insane sniper. A ringing phone has to be answered, doesn't it?

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Towards the beginning of the movie, the Bell Atlantic sticker on the phone receiver is faded, but it eventually turns into a brand new sticker.



The big speech from "Couldn't you find anyone worse? A child molester..." to the bit where Stu is shot was filmed in one take. Colin Farrel did everything and surprised himself and the crew. When he hit the floor, the crew (and the extras) had to contain their applause until the cameras stopped rolling.