Hart's War

Hart's War (2002)

Ending / spoiler

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Bedford's murder was actually arranged by McNamara himself, to prevent the former from leaking secrets about an escape plan to the Germans. At the end Hart confesses to the murder and the Germans quickly discover the escape plan. All the American soldiers are ordered to be executed, but McNamara returns and heroically trades his life for that of his soldiers.


Continuity mistake: When Hart was being introduced to the new barracks, Sgt. Pepper had his chevron and 25th infantry patch on his shoulder, then he didn't, then, he did.

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Col. Werner Visser: Strange thing about war wounds - the older you get, the less proud of them you become.

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Trivia: The character who plays Capt Ross is the son of Coronation street's Ken Barlow a.k.a William Roache.

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