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Corrected entry: With their prisoner of war camps, the Germans had a strict policy of splitting officers, NCOs and private/enlisted men into separate camps. Also camps were set up for the separate services, eg aircrew would not be kept in the same camp as army or navy personnel. So the two black airmen would not have been in the same camp as the army.

John Elwen

Correction: The Air Force wasn't created as a seperate branch until 1947. It was part of the army during World War 2.

Corrected entry: After Archer was killed Bruce Willis tells the colonel of the camp that according to the Geneva convention this man had rights. The film took place in 1945, but the Geneva convention wasn't signed until 1949.

Correction: The first of many Geneva Conventions on the proper conduct of war was held in Geneva in 1864. It was signed by all of the major European powers. The proper treatment of POWS was established at the Geneva Conventions of the nineteen-thirties.

Corrected entry: In the beginning where Colin Farrell is driving around that other man, the other man gets shot by Germans impersonating American soldiers. The Germans shoot the other man and the blood splatters on Colin's face. The blood is very light and a little orange. I have never seen orange blood in a human ever.

Correction: The blood isn't orange. What you see on Hart's face is a mixture of blood and brain matter.

Corrected entry: After Bruce Willis asks to speak to Colin Farrell outside during the trial. Bruce Willis blasts Colin Farrell, then he retreats back inside. Colin Farrell follows and you see him placing his hands behind his back as he walks in. However, in the next shot you see him entering the room with his hands at his side.

Correction: It is extremely easy to put your hands to your side within a couple of seconds. He could have easily put his arms down by his side by the next shot.

Corrected entry: SSgt. Bedford gets shot in the right hand while throwing bread to the Russians and wraps a bandage around it. Later we see him sitting and playing with the bandage but it's on his left hand.

Correction: He had removed his bandage from his right hand and was rubbing the "nicked" right hand wound.

Continuity mistake: When Hart was being introduced to the new barracks, Sgt. Pepper had his chevron and 25th infantry patch on his shoulder, then he didn't, then, he did.

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Col. Werner Visser: Strange thing about war wounds - the older you get, the less proud of them you become.

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Trivia: The character who plays Capt Ross is the son of Coronation street's Ken Barlow a.k.a William Roache.

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