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Miami Vice (2006)

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The final deal goes down between Crockett and Tubbs, Jose Yero, and the Ayran gang, at the port of Miami-Dade. When Crockett realizes that Yero has Isabella, a trade-off is made between her and the money. Castillo observes the scene, looking for hidden shooters. As soon as he gives the order, a climactic shootout begins. Tubbs kills Yeyo, as he attempts to escape. Isabella realizes that Crockett betrayed her and lashes out at him, in the gunfight. He finds himself having to protect her. After its over, Tubbs looks on as Crockett grabs Isabella and drives off. As they're on the freeway, she attacks him again, causing Crockett to make an abrupt stop; he subdues and cuffs her. Instaed of taking her to jail, he takes her to a safehouse. Elsewhere, a SWAT team invades drug lord Jesus Montoya's (Yeyo's employer and Isabella's "business" partner) mansion, only to find that he's disappeared. Back at the safehouse, Crockett tells Isabella that she'll be picked up and taken back home, and that no one will follow her--including him. The two come to the conclusion that luck (a concept she talked about earlier) had ran out in their relationship. Crockett looks on as Isabella leaves away on a boat; she looks back in return. Meanwhile, Tubbs watches over Trudy at the hospital. As soon as her body starts showing signs of consciousness, he alerts a nurse. The final shot shows Crockett walking to the hospital to check on Trudy and his partner.

Brandon H.

Factual error: As the two fast boats start heading up river towards the finale shootout, one boat has its navigation lights reversed. It has a red light on the starboard/right side, and a green light on the port/left side. It should be the other way around. (The lights on the other boat are correct.)

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Nicholas: They are vertically intergrated, they're.
Det. Ricardo Tubbs: You mean they walk around with constant erections?
Nicholas: No, they farm, process, produce, export.
Det. Ricardo Tubbs: I know what it means.

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