Horrible Bosses

Kurt drops Pellit's phone at Harkin's house, leading Harkin to believe that Pellit is sleeping with his wife. Harkin goes to Pellit's house and shoots him dead. They try to record Harkin's confession, but Kurt (who had the recorder) was sleeping with Harkin's wife at the time he confessed. Harkin smashes their car and shoots himself in the leg to frame Dale, Kurt, and Nick. The cops show up and all seems lost until the OnStar agent plays back a recording of Harkin's confession before he shot himself. Harkin is arrested and the men are vindicated. Nick's new boss turns out to be a "Twisted Old Fuck" who keeps people locked in his trunk. Marge is promoted at Pellit and Son. Dale tricks Harris into assaulting a patient while the murder consultant films it. Dale blackmails Harris in return and gets her to pay for his honeymoon.


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