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Matt Murdock: Excuse me? Do you have any honey?
Elektra: [reading paper.] Right in front of you.
Matt Murdock: Could you be a little bit more specific please?
Elektra: [looking up.] What are you...
Matt Murdock: Blind? Yes.

Daredevil: Hi. How you doing?
Jose Quesada: Didn't you hear? I was acquitted.
Daredevil: Not by me.

Kingpin: I'll tell everyone what you are.
Daredevil: Yeah, tell them you got beat by a blind man too.

Kingpin: How do you kill a man without fear?
Bullseye: By putting the fear in him.

Kingpin: You know, I've learned one thing in all my years in this business.
Matt Murdock: What's that?
Kingpin: Nobody's innocent. Nobody.

Daredevil: I'm not the bad guy.

Elektra: Are you sure you're blind?
Matt Murdock: Sure you don't want to tell me your name?

Daredevil: Hey, that light at the end of the tunnel? Guess what? That's not heaven. That's the 'C' train!

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