Bullseye chases down Elektra and her father's limo and kills the driver. The limo crashes and Elektra's father pulls her half unconcious body out the back seat onto the street. Daredevil and Bullseye fight on the street, then Bullseye takes Daredevils weapon and throws it at Elektra's father. Elektra opens her eyes and see's her father get stabbed with Daredevil's weapon. She thinks it was Daredevil that killed him and she seeks revenge. Daredevil knows Elektra wants revenge but he doesnt want to fight her because he's really her boyfriend under the mask. A few nights later Elektra shows up on top of the building where daredevil is. Using two Sai swords she fights Daredevil but he doesnt want to fight back in fear of hurting her. She stabs Daredevil with her sword through the shoulder and he falls to the ground. She removes his mask and finds out that Daredevil is really her boyfriend Matt Murdock. He tells her it was Bullseye that killed her Father. Bullseye is seen standing on the next building whitstiling for Elektra. Matt tells her to run but she swore revenge on her fathers killer and she intends to get it. She jumps over to Bullseye to fight him. She throws her sword at Bullseye but he catches it and throws it back at her. She tries to catch it but it stabs her through the hand. She takes it out and fights with her unwounded hand. They jump back to the other building and fight. He takes the other sword from her and beats her up. He picks her up and stabs her though the stomach. She falls to the ground and Bullseye goes away. A bloodied and bruised Elektra crawls over to Daredevil and lays in his arms. Matt hears her heart stop beating and Elektra dies. The SWAT team and police show up and Daredevil runs to the church leaving Elektra's body. There, Bullseye returns and fights Daredevil. A police sniper shoots and the bullet goes through Bullseye's hands. Daredevil throws bullseye out the window of the church and onto a car. Daredevil then finds the Kingpin(who sent Bullseye to kill Elektra, her father, and Daredevil) and fights him. He breaks the Kingpin's knee caps and leaves the Kingpin screaming threats of revenge. The next day the reporter talks to Matt(daredevil) and tells him that he know's his secret. That night the reporter is typing the article about the real identity of Daredevil but instead he deletes it all. Matt goes ontop the building where Elektra died and He feels a necklace hanging from a pole type thing and it's Elektra's necklace that she wore the night she was killed. The strange part about it is that the necklace has brail markings on it for Matt. He looks around knowing that Elektra is somehow alive again. After the credit's we see Bullseye in a hospital room gaurded by two police officers. He's in a full body cast and cant move. A fly is buzzing around his head and it gets him really angry. He reaches with his bandaged hand for the needle used for shots. Then we here more buzzing of the fly then it abruptly stops. The fly is pinned to the wall by the needle. We see him grin then he says "bullseye"


Continuity mistake: When Daredevil kicks Bullseye off his motorcycle, Bullseye has nothing in his hands when he's flying through the air, but when he lands he's holding Daredevil's baton. Watch closely when Daredevil's kick connects, and you can see they never even come close enough for Bullseye to grab the baton, or for him to snatch it if it was dropped. (00:59:40)

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Trivia: Just a bit of Marvel triva. Ben Urich's nephew Phil became the 4th, heroic Green Goblin in the Spider-Man comics.

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Question: What is the name of the song that comes on when Ben Affleck wakes up and turns on the radio?

Answer: Hang on, by Seether.

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