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Edward Nashton: If you are justice, please do not lie / What is the price for your blind eye?

Thug: What does a liar do when he's dead?
Batman: He lies still.

Batman: I'm starting to see now. I have had an effect here... but not the one I intended. Vengeance won't change the past, mine or anyone else's. I have to become more. People need hope. To know someone's out there for them.

Alfred: If this continues, it won't be long before you've nothing left.
Batman: I don't care about that. Any of that.
Alfred: You don't care about your family's legacy?
Batman: What I'm doing is my family's legacy.

Batman: Selena, don't throw your life away.
Catwoman: Don't worry, honey. I got nine of 'em.

Thug: What the hell are you supposed to be?
Batman: I'm vengeance.

James Gordon: You could've at least pulled that punch.
Batman: I did.

Batman: Fear is a tool. When that light hits the sky, it's not just a call. It's a warning.

Batman: Our scars can destroy us, even after the physical wounds have healed. But if we survive them, they can transform us. They can give us the power to endure, and the strength to fight.

The Riddler: It can be cruel, poetic or blind, but when it's denied, it's violence you may find.

Alfred Pennyworth: You're becoming quite a celebrity. Why's he writing to you?

Alfred Pennyworth: You're becoming quite a celebrity.

Other mistake: When Batman is video calling the Riddler and passes the phone over to the D/A, you can see Batman's face still looking at the phone in the reflection of the Riddler's glasses.

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Trivia: There is an extra scene after the credits roll. A computer screen pops up with a question mark and the word goodbye?

Tricia Webster

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Question: Is this film supposed to be set in the same universe as the DC Extended Universe (in other words is this supposed to be a prequel, with Robert Pattinson's Batman being a younger version of Ben Affleck's) or is this set in a completely different continuity?

Answer: Completely different.

Jon Sandys

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