For Your Eyes Only

Revealing mistake: At the end, where Bond receives the "Come in 007" message on his watch, one can see that the watch has been filmed separately to the wrist: the wrist moves slightly , but the watch itself remains perfectly still. (02:03:55)

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Continuity mistake: During the fight at the ice rink, one of the ice hockey players tries to kick Bond with his blade and makes a hole in the wall in the process. In the next shot, when another player tries to hit Bond with his ice hockey stick, the damage to the wall has suddenly disappeared.

Continuity mistake: Near the end when Kristatos slaps Bibi, you can see the difference between two takes.

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Continuity mistake: When Melina's car is hit by the machine gun, we see a close-up of the back end of the car, including the 2CV6 sign. Later in the car chase there suddenly is a Spanish national sticker (E) to the left of the 2CV6 sign. The bullet holes are different as well.

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Continuity mistake: When Gonzales opens the suitcase with money the middle pile is taller than the others, and is more than one bundle of notes taller than the rim of the suitcase. In the next clip, when Gonzales grabs one of the bundles, the middle pile is no taller than the others or than the rim of the suitcase.

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Continuity mistake: In the casino scene, when Bunky makes his first bet, his two remaining piles of chips are totally straight. When he reaches for his cards, they are not.

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Visible crew/equipment: Right after 007 can escape by jumping from the ski tower, Christatos gets into his car. When the car drives away you can see clearly a part of the filming crew including a set of lights in the windows reflecting.

Revealing mistake: During the fight with Bond and the ice hockey players at the ice rink, Bond climbs into the Zamboni and "hits" the last hockey player, sending him into the net with the other two players. When you look closely at the footage, it appears the hockey player literally skates head-on into the Zamboni on purpose.

Continuity mistake: During the car chase in Spain, we see a close up of the crumpled radiator on Melina's 2CV, and one of the black cars is directly behind the car at this point. But in the next shot when the 2CV goes around a corner, the black car is much further away than it was in the previous shot. (Widescreen version.)

Revealing mistake: When Bond and Melina are attacked by the JIM suit diver whilst looking for the ATAC system in the wreck of the St. George's, the diver pulls Melina up and you can see the cable and hook on the back of Melina's diving suit winching her up the wall.

Other mistake: In the casino scene they're playing Baccarat. Bunky reveals a natural 8 (5 and 3). When Bond's hand is revealed, the croupier announces 9 for the win: "et neuf la banque" ("and 9 for the bank"). Only, Bond has revealed a Queen and a 5 (a natural 5).

Plot hole: Why does Kristatos bother with the amateurish assassination attempt with the little one-man attack submarine, when he had already taken over the Triana?

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Other mistake: When Bond is being chased on the bobsled track, just before he escapes the track.there is a shot of Eric Kriegler taking one last shot at him. In this shot however, Kriegler's bike appears to be in an open area and certainly not on a bobsled track. In fact it looks like a disused shot from when the chase started.

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Plot hole: If you look closely at the lamps on the tables at the casino restaurant and at the size of the tape recorder Columbo uncovers, you can see that it would never fit in the base.


Continuity mistake: At the restaurant, when Colombo rewinds the tape in the lamp it passes over 2-3 sentences and then he plays the tape starting with the sentence 'But I must warn you.' But after that Bond and Kristatos exchanged 18 sentences, which lasts for approximately a minute before the lamp is removed from the table. Colombo did not rewind the tape that far.

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Continuity mistake: In the opening scene with the helicopter, when we first see Blofeld there is a tall wall to the front left of him. But when we see him in the overhead shot and when Bond flies close by him, there is no such wall.

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Revealing mistake: When Locque's Mercedes starts to slide off the cliff at the end of the car chase you can see cables holding it up.

Continuity mistake: When Bond and the countess start walking on the beach (and we see some divers jump in the water from a Zodiac) the water is totally calm. Not a wave in sight. But when Locke comes in the dune buggy, and we see an overhead shot, there are quite large waves.

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Continuity mistake: Right before Bond gets on the bobsled ramp, he puts one of his ski poles between two trees, leaving him with no ski poles (the other one was shot by the skiing expert). As Bond jumps onto the bobsled ramp, there is a quick shot with Bond holding one ski pole and after another quick shot, when Bond is on the ramp, the pole is gone.

James Bond: Forgive me father, for I have sinned.
Q: That's putting it mildly, 007.

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Trivia: British model Caroline Cossey, who appeared as one of the women in the film, was revealed after the film to be a transsexual. She was born a man.

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Question: What exactly happens in the opening? I'm assuming Blofeld is the one Bond kills, but what was the point of it? Was it just to answer the question about what happened to him? And why was his face not shown?

Answer: The producers of the film had a falling out with Kevin McClory, who had the rights to the character of Blofeld. They decided to kill off Blofeld to show McClory that the films could manage fine without the character. Obviously, without McClory's permission they couldn't go so far as to say that the guy in the wheelchair is actually Blofeld, otherwise they'd get into legal bother, so they just left it to fans to assume that's who it is.


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