For Your Eyes Only

Corrected entry: When Bond escapes from Gonzales' estate, we see a man attempting to open Bond's Lotus Esprit and is then killed by an explosion when he tries to break into it. This man is the stuntman Bob Simmons.

Correction: This isn't trivia, or even particularly interesting. Bob's listed as a stuntman in the credits.


Corrected entry: Any explosive powerful enough to destroy the St George in the manner shown would rip to shreds anyone or anything within about 100m, certainly anyone standing right next to the ship as Bond and Melina were. There is no way they would be able to walk away from that unharmed. A previous correction states that the explosive was only intended to destroy the ATAC. This is irrelevant. The explosion's shockwave ripped through the St George's hull, utterly destroying the wreck of the ship from which Bond & Melina were only a few feet. Any shockwave that powerful would have destroyed them also, not just "stopped" mid water as depicted.

Correction: Watch closely as the explosion goes off. A burst from the explosion pushes Bond and Melina out of the hole in the side St. Georges, the ship itself remains completely intact. At no time do they show that the "explosion's shockwave ripped through the St. Georges hull". You can tell from the size of the bomb (about 4" by 4", about 1" thick not including the timer) that it was not designed to destroy anything larger than the ATAC control panel. As stated in the previous correction the explosion is only big enough to destroy the ATAC, not the entire ship.


Corrected entry: Contrary to what this movie depicts, explosions actually have their concussive force magnified underwater. Any explosive powerful enough to destroy the St George in the manner shown would rip to shreds anyone or anything within about 100m, certainly anyone standing right next to the ship as Bond and Melina were. There is no way they would be able to walk away from that unharmed.

Correction: The submitter is making an assumption on the power of the explosive. It was not intended to destroy the St. Georges, it had just enough explosive power to destroy the ATAC machine.


Corrected entry: Why would MI6 send Q out to make contact with Bond at the monastery? Q is the head of Q-Branch, MI6's equipment research and development division. They would never send someone so valuable out into the field to make contact with Bond when a lower lever messenger would do.


Correction: Unless he was already in the area; we don't know what Q was doing immediately before the meeting. This was an extremely low risk contact, there wasn't any danger to Q, and they did require someone with top secret clearance - a 'lower level messenger' would not have the clearance level necessary.


Corrected entry: Why doesn't the St. George's advanced military systems detect the mine before it is only a few meters away?

Jacob La Cour

Correction: This is a question, not a mistake. The mine is caught in a huge net loaded with fish that is being deliberately pulled towards the ship by the crew. It wasn't until the mine got very close to the ship that they could tell it wasn't a part of the catch. Because it was an old mine without any functioning electronics it would be very difficult to tell it apart from any other debris that normally gets caught up in the nets.


Corrected entry: Bond's climbing method is ridiculous. Instead of knocking in carabiners as he goes, he hammers them in so far above the ground that if he fell, the length of drop would have killed him anyway.

Correction: First, a carabiner is not knocked into the rock; a carabiner is the metal loop hooked onto a spike or camming device. The spikes and spring-loaded camming devices that Bond uses to ascend the mountain are used appropriately. They would have to be hammered in so 'far above the ground' as a safety measure to prevent the climber from falling.


Corrected entry: When Bond and Melina are being chased in Melina's car, as they drive down the steep hill, Bond makes a witty remark and Melina starts laughing, then in the next shot she has a very serious look on her face.

Correction: Yes, she found the remark funny then immediately remembered that there was a group of assassins behind them trying to kill them. Laugh for a few seconds, then get back to the business at hand; there is a break between the two shots when the camera is not on her face.


Corrected entry: In the scene at the end when Bond throws the machine of the cliff, it is flipping slowly, but in the next shot before it breaks, it's spinning quickly. This quick change in the direction it's spinning and the speed it's moving is impossible.

Correction: Showing the flipping slowly is a common filmmaking technique to accentuate the drama and when done this deliberately it doesn't even qualify as a deliberate mistake.

Corrected entry: In the scene where 'Q' leads Bond from the laboratory into the room containing the identograph, there are several Q-branch staff visible in the background. A moment later, however, when a secretary enters with tea, all the staff have gone home and the lights have been extinguished.

Correction: That's because some time passes between the two takes. Note how much further the work on the iconograph has come.


Corrected entry: During the car chase in Spain, one of the black cars gets rammed by the other black car and rolls down a hill. If you watch carefully, you can see a crew member move behind a tree to avoid being hit by the rolling car.

Correction: Throughout this car chase we see people on the hills harvesting crops. When the 2CV rolled down the hill previously it almost hit them. In the shot as the black car goes off the road you can see small groups of people on the hillside in the distance, then as the car rolls down the hill we actually see two people jump behind different trees. They are clearly supposed to be there.


Corrected entry: Bond and Melina dive from a submersible at a depth of over 300ft. Assuming the sub was kept at surface pressure there are two problems with this scene: 1) The 'ascent' time is far too quick. It should take Bond and Melina 10 minutes to go from 300ft to sea level (i.e. the pressure inside the sub) and that's if you forget about 2) Decompression! Bond and Melina do absolutely NO deco whatsoever upon returning to the submersible. They simply get back in and take their diving suits off. This would kill them. There is no way any diver, no matter how experienced, can INSTANTLY return to surface pressure from a depth of 300ft, having been breathing mixed gas, and not suffer all kinds of diving injuries/ illnesses. The alternative explanation is that the sub was pressurised to the depth on the sea bed, but even so they just pop the hatch open and get straight back out upon returning to the surface. This would have the same results described above.

Correction: The sub was pressurized to match the depth of the St. Georges. They don't show the whole ascent to the surface; for all we know it could have taken hours. The St. Georges is over 300 feet down; after traveling some distance they return to the excavation site which was only about 30 feet deep (Bond and Melina swim to it from the surface when Kristatos is trying to run them down). There was obviously a considerable distance from the St. Georges to the ruins, a journey (and long decompression) they did not show on film.


Corrected entry: When Bond and Luigi meet at Tofana it is overcast. But in the next clip, at the ice rink, the sky is clear. And there can't be a large time gap, since Luigi says that Kristatos is waiting for them.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: An assumption; we don't know how long it was between the two scenes. Kristatos was pre-occupied with watching Bibi's training, he wasn't in a hurry to go anywhere. We also don't know how far it was from their meeting in Tofana to the ice rink. Entirely possible for clouds to have rolled in between the two scenes.


Corrected entry: The message written on the mirror in Bond's hotel room is far too clear to have been written before the steam got on the mirror. If it had been written before it would have been readable, but there would have been some steam in the letters themselves. No sticky substances are used to create the letters, because if there were, the letters would be visible before the steam came on the mirror, and there would be traces of it left when Bond wiped the mirror clean. Notice he just wipes it over once - and everything is gone.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: Rain-X anti-fog treatment or a mixture of white vinegar diluted in water would create the exact effect shown in the movie and would not leave any residue when wiped with a towel.


Corrected entry: When the Cuban hitman is shot with the crossbow, the arrow hits his back at the wrong angle. It should have been in his side instead of his back.

Correction: We are never shown where Melina is shooting from; the submitter is assuming that she is shooting from Gonzales' side. If Melina was shooting from a foward angle and the arrow hit Gonzales as his body was entering the water head-first (as depicted in the film), the arrow would have struck him in the back.


Correction: This would be trivia if you had a source to prove the submission. It really does appear to be a dummy (and obviously they used a dummy in place of a real person when dumping the body down the smokestack). In the scene the submitter describes the subject (seen only from a reverse camera angle for this shot) could be a person sitting very still. Also, it is only assumed that the bald man in the wheelchair is Blofeld; EON productions lost the rights to use the name Blofeld prior to this film.


Corrected entry: When Locque's car crashes to the bottom of the cliff, it rolls over him as he is thrown out the window. In a later shot, the body is beside the wrecked car.

Dennis Gannon

Correction: Yes, the car came to a rest next to the body after it rolled. The positioning of the car and the body in their final resting places is appropriate for the manner in which we last see the two while they were in motion (before the camera cuts away; the moment where they stop moving completely is off-camera).


Corrected entry: When Bond and Melina are being chased in Melina's car, you can see an aerial view of the chase; and when each of the cars goes around the corner, the picture is sped up slightly.

Correction: Slightly speeding up the film to make things appear to move faster is a convention of the James Bond films, therefore not a mistake - it is intentional.


Corrected entry: When Bond throws the knife into the hitman atop the hill-top monastery, his body does not hit the ground anywhere near hard enough. The body would have certainly bounced with huge damage occurring to it, rather than a few cuts on the face.


Correction: Bodies don't always bounce when falling a great distance, especially when landing in dirt. The soft ground absorbs the impact, and can also help to keep the body intact. To say that he should have bounced or had more obvious body damage is an assumption.


Corrected entry: When Bond and Melina are being chased in Melina's yellow car, the bad guys behind her hit the speedometer with a bullet. This is not possible, they have to shoot through her to reach this meter.

Vince van Riet

Correction: A bullet ricocheting of another part of the car could have hit it.


Corrected entry: At St Cyrils as Colombo and Melina are being raised in the basket Melina fires an arrow at one of the guards that hits him with enough force to throw him backwards off his feet, yet when she later removes the arrow it appears that not even the arrow head has penetrated his body, in fact it practically falls out.

Paul Bessant

Correction: The Arrow dose not have a head its just a long thin pole with a point at the end. Its able to penetrate the body but then it probably got stopped by a bone.

Revealing mistake: When Bond throws the dead pilot out of the helicopter, you can tell it's a dummy as its arms and legs bend at impossible angles.

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James Bond: Forgive me father, for I have sinned.
Q: That's putting it mildly, 007.

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Trivia: British model Caroline Cossey, who appeared as one of the women in the film, was revealed after the film to be a transsexual. She was born a man.

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Question: Is this the only Bond film that features any references to Tracy Bond (other than the given "On Her Majesty's...")?

Answer: It's mentioned he was married in The Spy Who Loved Me and Licence to Kill.

Grumpy Scot

Answer: It is also vaguely alluded to in The World is Not Enough. When Electra asks Bond, "tell me, Mr. Bond, ha- have you ever lost a loved one." And it's written all over his face, so to speak.

Alan Keddie

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