For Your Eyes Only

Revealing mistake: When Bond throws the dead pilot out of the helicopter, you can tell it's a dummy as its arms and legs bend at impossible angles.

Revealing mistake: Just after Loque runs over the countess in his dune buggy, Bond runs over to her, kneels beside her, and takes her pulse. She blinks.

Revealing mistake: When Bond jumps off a wall with an umbrella at Gonzales' place, you can see that it is not Roger Moore but his stunt double.

Revealing mistake: When Bond and Melina are pursued by Gonzales' henchmen in Madrid, we see a close-up of one of the cars and the man in the back seat begins shooting at them. If you look carefully, you can see there is no-one in the front seat.

Revealing mistake: When Bond and Melina are being chased in Melina's car, they are rolling upside down in a street of a small village. With help of some other people they tilt back the car on his wheels. At that moment you can see specially added roll bars mounted in the car to prevent the roof from crushing.

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Revealing mistake: At the end, where Bond receives the "Come in 007" message on his watch, one can see that the watch has been filmed separately to the wrist: the wrist moves slightly , but the watch itself remains perfectly still. (02:03:55)

Revealing mistake: During the fight with Bond and the ice hockey players at the ice rink, Bond climbs into the Zamboni and "hits" the last hockey player, sending him into the net with the other two players. When you look closely at the footage, it appears the hockey player literally skates head-on into the Zamboni on purpose.

Revealing mistake: When Bond and Melina are attacked by the JIM suit diver whilst looking for the ATAC system in the wreck of the St. George's, the diver pulls Melina up and you can see the cable and hook on the back of Melina's diving suit winching her up the wall.

Revealing mistake: When Locque's Mercedes starts to slide off the cliff at the end of the car chase you can see cables holding it up.

Revealing mistake: Bond kills Locque by pushing him over a cliff in the Mercedes. When the wrecked car finally comes to a halt upside down at the bottom of the cliff you can see that the running gear and engine of the Mercedes have been removed and the wheels are simply held on with 2 straight beams (it is a different car altogether, just a shell with wheels).

Revealing mistake: When the camera is behind Claus while he is chasing Bond and Lisl on the beach in his buggy, it is not Charles Dance who is driving, but a stuntman wearing a blonde wig.

Revealing mistake: When Bond is pursued by the two motorcyclists, he wedges his ski-pole between the two trees. If you look at the tree trunk on the left, you can see a small wooden shelf to hold the pole.

Revealing mistake: When Bond hits the guard with the pole of the Parasol whilst trying to escape from Gonzales' villa, the guard reacts to being hit with the pole before it comes into contact with him.

Revealing mistake: When Bond is having dinner with Kristatos, there is nothing on the fork Kristatos puts in his mouth and yet from the front and back view he is chewing to simulate eating.

Revealing mistake: When Bond reaches the top of the cliff, Apostis kicks him in the face. You can see that Apostis' boot never makes contact with Bond's face, but Bond reacts as if it did.

Revealing mistake: During the car chase, before the car rolls down a hill, you can see that it's not Roger Moore driving but a stunt driver. Furthermore, the woman has been replaced by a dummy or a stunt with a bulky and hairy wig that doesn't resemble her at all.


Revealing mistake: When Bond's arm is scratched underwater, there's blood on his arm before it's scratched.


Revealing mistake: When Bond pushes Kriegler through a window, we can see in the shot of Kriegler falling that he is just a dummy.

Revealing mistake: In the sleigh scene in Cortina, the closeups are recorded in a studio. The view of the background fits very poorly with the surroundings in the intermittent wide shots, which shows buildings close by, while the background just before showed a wide valley view.

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Revealing mistake: As Bond prepares to drop Blofeld into the smoke stack, you can see that the cervical collar isn't put on correctly, the actor can still move his head. The intention of a cervical collar is to take all strain off the spine and neck muscles and prevent any movement that could cause damage to the spinal cord. To work, a stiff neck must be fixed so the neck is completely immobilized and slightly extended. However, wearing a cervical collar is very uncomfortable to the wearer, so they probably used a slightly lower one and didn't fully tighten it.


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James Bond: Forgive me father, for I have sinned.
Q: That's putting it mildly, 007.

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Trivia: Because of Carole Bouquet's sinus problems, the close-up underwater shots of Bond and Melina were shot in an entirely dry studio and not underwater. They were shot at a higher frame rate with wind machines. Derek Meddings, the special effects man, added the bubbles in afterwards.

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Question: What exactly happens in the opening? I'm assuming Blofeld is the one Bond kills, but what was the point of it? Was it just to answer the question about what happened to him? And why was his face not shown?

Answer: The producers of the film had a falling out with Kevin McClory, who had the rights to the character of Blofeld. They decided to kill off Blofeld to show McClory that the films could manage fine without the character. Obviously, without McClory's permission they couldn't go so far as to say that the guy in the wheelchair is actually Blofeld, otherwise they'd get into legal bother, so they just left it to fans to assume that's who it is.


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