For Your Eyes Only

Visible crew/equipment: When Locque is speaking on the car phone at the ski-jump, a reflection of the camera and crew in the car window can be seen.

Continuity mistake: When Locque kills Lisl on the beach by running over her with his dune buggy, the impact breaks the passenger side headlight. When Bond's foot kicks the gun out of Locque's hand a little later on, the headlight that was dangling from the car moments earlier is now securely back in place.

Visible crew/equipment: After Bond skis off, the man with binoculars gets in a car. As the car reverses, the camera and a crew member are reflected in the glass.

Movie Nut

Revealing mistake: When Bond reaches the top of the cliff, Apostis kicks him in the face. You can see that Apostis' boot never makes contact with Bond's face, but Bond reacts as if it did.

Continuity mistake: When Bond throws a knife and kills Apostis during the climbing sequence, the blade hits Apostis in the centre of his chest. When the body lands on the ground and Columbo goes over to inspect him, the blade has moved to Apostis' left shoulder.

Continuity mistake: When the Neptune is hauled aboard and Kristatos begins talking, you can see his yacht in the background moving slowly. When Apostis takes the ATAC system away from Bond and Melina, the yacht is now much closer, at apparently the same speed.

Continuity mistake: When Q contacts Bond on his watch at the end of the movie, the time on the watch is around 9.20. When the parrot drops the watch in the water and starts sinking, the time on the watch is now around 11.55.

Continuity mistake: When Kristatos brings the Neptune sub up, Melina gets out, and stops at the bottom of the ladder, still holding the handrails. In the very next shot, she is standing off the ladder and closer to Bond.

Continuity mistake: While Bond's helicopter flies with Blofeld's chair, Blofeld swaps from waiving his arms and banging the door in the close-up angles, to sitting perfectly still in the wide angles.


Continuity mistake: Before Blofeld is killed, his cat jumps off the chair, but a shot later in a wide angle the cat is nowhere to be seen.


Audio problem: When the helicopter pilot is electrocuted a loud yell is heard, but his mouth is not moving.


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Suggested correction: His hand blocks the view of his mouth, which does appear to move (or his lips certainly do).


His yell is heard half a second before he covers his mouth, and he doesn't move his jaw given how loud he screams. (Min 2:04).


Continuity mistake: When the yellow car is about to jump above the black car, it is taking a nosedive, but in the immediate close-up it's flying upwards.


Revealing mistake: During the car chase, before the car rolls down a hill, you can see that it's not Roger Moore driving but a stunt driver. Furthermore, the woman has been replaced by a dummy or a stunt with a bulky and hairy wig that doesn't resemble her at all.


Revealing mistake: When Bond's arm is scratched underwater, there's blood on his arm before it's scratched.


Continuity mistake: When the two black cars leave Gonzales' estate to pursue Bond and Melina, look at the first car and you can see the driver is not the same one who appears later on in the chase.

Revealing mistake: When Bond pushes Kriegler through a window, we can see in the shot of Kriegler falling that he is just a dummy.

Character mistake: When discussing where to look for the St. Georges, and Melina tells that her father saw a diving bell, Bond reasons: "Diving bell - oil exploration - Christatos" But diving bells are not used for oil exploration.

Jacob La Cour

Revealing mistake: In the sleigh scene in Cortina, the closeups are recorded in a studio. The view of the background fits very poorly with the surroundings in the intermittent wide shots, which shows buildings close by, while the background just before showed a wide valley view.

Jacob La Cour

Character mistake: As Bond offers Ms. Brink to help her if she helps them, she answers "Ja, mein Herr Bond" meaning, "Yes, Mister Bond." It should simply be "Ja, Herr Bond." The way she says it would roughly translate to "Yes, my Lord Bond."


Continuity mistake: Bond fixes the end of his rope with a spring-loaded camming device (which is unsuitable for lose, porous rock by the way). When Apostis tries to dislodge him, the end loop of the rope is fixed to a piton - it has to be, because SLCDs literally cannot be knocked out of the rock.


James Bond: Forgive me father, for I have sinned.
Q: That's putting it mildly, 007.

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Trivia: Michael G. Wilson, producer of many of the Bond films and stepson of Cubby Broccoli, appears in a number of films in a cameo role. In "For Your Eyes Only", he plays a Greek priest in the scene when Bond meets with "Q" in a church.

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Question: Why does Bond go to Bibi to try and get information about Eric Kriegler? Couldn't he have simply contacted his own department to get a background check on him. After all, it's not like she would have had anything very informative (considering that she had previously stated that he never talks to girls).

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: Whether he talked to her or not, Bibi would have inside information simply by being around him so much. She would have overheard things that a background check wouldn't reveal, like planned criminal activity.

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