Trivia: In the Marvel Comic series where the characters originate from, Deacon Frost was actually an elder man, and an alchemist who dabbled in vampirism and - via one of his experiments - turned himself into a unique vampire who could create doppelgangers of his victims.

Trivia: The original Marvel Comics' Blade was a member of a band of vampire hunters, who mainly fought Dracula (who also was a regular at Marvel). The others included Quincy Harker and Rachel van Helsing (both descendents of Dracula's enemies from Bram Stoker's novel), and Hannibal King (a vampire detective, and a victim of the original Deacon Frost).

Trivia: During the chase with officer Krieger, the vampire on the side of the road biting the girl's neck is actually director Stephen Norrington. (00:40:15)

Trivia: In the original comics, Blade was far less stoic and far more talkitive and colorful. This film's popularity ended up influencing future comic appearances of the character, and to this day, most "Blade" comics still strongly resemble the film, at least in terms of aesthetics and tone.


Trivia: The film came about in-part due to the fact Wesley Snipes wanted to star in a Marvel superhero movie, but his dream project - "Black Panther" - got stuck in development Hell. Eventually, Snipes became intrigued by the Blade character, and helped get the film made. A "Black Panther" film was eventually made (without Snipes), and released exactly twenty years after "Blade" hit screens.


Trivia: The visual effects in the subway scene were cutting edge at the time, and the visual effects artist working on the sequence had to match the digitally-created trains to the film frame-by-frame due to the camera movement and jitter. You can briefly see people inside of the trains as they pass by, which were just still images of people standing, since they went by so quick you could barely see them. One final amusing note about the scene: In the making of, the digital effects artist mentions that one day, he hoped the software would exist so that motion and camera movement could be digitally tracked so digital elements wouldn't need to be matched in frame-by-frame. This idea (motion tracking) is now - 20 years later - such a common effect technique that it's available in most animation software (including many free and/or cheap programs) as a very basic feature.


Continuity mistake: When Frost has the head pure-blood vampire on the beach, after he pulls out his first vampire tooth you see blood all over his mouth, but when it shows the closeup of him pulling out the other tooth, there is no blood. (01:04:22)

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Blade: You better wake up. The world you live in is just a sugar coated topping. There is another world beneath it. The real world. And if you want to survive it, you better learn to pull the trigger.

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