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Continuity mistake: During the fight between the burnt Vampire Quinn and Blade, Quinn picks up a fire extinguisher to throw at Blade. Blade cuts off Quinn's arm, but the fire extinguisher has disappeared. (00:14:02)

Continuity mistake: After Blade kills his vampiric mother, he runs with his vest in his hands. Then, suddenly his vest on, unzipped. He jumps down onto the center platform, looks up, and the vest is now zipped. (01:46:40)

Audio problem: When Frost first enters the conference room with the rest of the members of the house, the older member with the symbol tattooed on his forehead scolds Frost about how he's not a pureblood. In a shot down the table (probably only noticeable in widescreen), you can see the guy on the right side of the screen, but his mouth isn't moving, even though you hear him talking.

Revealing mistake: When Traci Lords approaches Blade, he tries to shoot her with the shotgun only for it to click, empty. He then proceeds to impale her with the silver stakes mounted in the end of his gun. If you look closely (probably more noticeable in full screen), you can still see the tips on the end of his stakes when she hisses at him, meaning that they're not actually inside her, even though she disintegrates in the next shot as if they were.

Other mistake: Smoke rises from Karen's collar while she's lying on the table before she's injected with allium sativum. It's the shot that ends with Whistler reading her ID badge.


Revealing mistake: When Quinn is pushing through the door after Blade has cut his arm off, the full length of the arm is visible as he pushes the door open. On the other side of the door, his arm is gone again.

Revealing mistake: In the final fight scene, Blade is fighting a bunch of guys. Before the shot goes to Karen looking down at Blade, Blade kicks a guy away, you can see the stunt wire pulling him back. (01:43:05)


Continuity mistake: During the final battle, right after Frost's arm regenerates and he says "It's too late, Blade!", Blade begins swiping his sword at Frost rapidly. You can hear the sound of Blade's sword slicing into Frost's shirt, and even see numerous pieces of fabric from the shirt flying about in the air as Blade shreds off pieces. Yet, for the rest of the scene, Frost's shirt is almost completely undamaged, save for one or two small tears. This makes no sense, as we had just seen and heard Blade slicing off numerous pieces of fabric from the shirt. The pieces seen flying through the air were actually added later using computer effects to make the scene look more dramatic, thus creating the continuity problem.

Other mistake: Blade talks to Karen about killing vampires using a stake, silver, sunlight or garlic and says that you aim for the head or the heart, but when he fights his mother in the temple he stabs her in the stomach with a bone and she turns to ash.


Continuity mistake: When Frost kills the fake policeman, prior to Frost biting him there are six to seven rubber ducks floating in the water. In the very last shot where the police officer is floating dead in the pool, all of the rubber ducks are gone.


Continuity mistake: When Karen turns on the UV lamp the first time and starts to burn Pearl (the enormous record-keeper), watch closely. In the first shot from the front, Pearl has no burns yet and the air is clear. It immediately cuts to an over-the-shoulder shot and not only does Pearl's arm instantly have burns on it (that had no time to appear between cuts), but there's also smoke in the air that wasn't there in the previous shot. (And also had no time to appear between cuts).

Audio problem: Right before Blade throws his sword to retrieve his EDTA in the final battle, he leaps to his feet as Frost attempts to stomp downwards on him. As Frost's foot his the concrete ground (or Blade's shoe, as it's unclear from the shot as the impact is out-of-frame), the audio features an incredibly loud and out-of-place flesh-on-flesh punching sound effect, instead of a proper "shoe stomping concrete floor/Blade's boot" sound that should have been played.

Continuity mistake: When Whistler is giving Blade the injection, watch the vial. It starts full, then in a close up, you can see the serum level drop. Then the camera goes to a wide shot, and the fluid level is almost full and dropping, The next close up, and the serum level falls to completely empty.

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Other mistake: Right before Blade confronts Frost at the end, he is shown beating up several henchmen vampires using punches and kicks, before grabbing his sword. As he grabs his sword, you see several of the henchmen vampires "burning up" in the background. However, it was earlier established that to "burn up", vampires had to be killed by traditional means. (Staked with silver, exposed to sunlight, etc.) So it makes no sense for these henchmen to burn up from only being punched/kicked. It can't be due to his sword, as he twirls it in front of them, and only after they are already burning up.

Continuity mistake: There is a scene where Blade and Frost are having a discussion sitting across from one another. The shot changes back and forth from Blade to Frost as they speak. On the table you can see a pack of cigarettes next to frost that changes position in every shot and even disappears entirely in one of the shots.

Audio problem: Just after Quinn has been nailed to the wall at the beginning of the movie, he makes some strange noises and then starts talking in "vampire language." This has obviously been dubbed in post-production.


Continuity mistake: When Blade throws the darts full of EDTA into Frost at the end of the movie, they all just sit there in Frost's flesh, not pumping the blue fluid into him (this is especially evident after Blade kicks the final one into Frost's face). This is a blooper in and of itself, because as we saw earlier (as Blade fought two vampire guards and killed them with the same darts), the darts quickly pump the fluid out upon impact. What's more, all the darts are suddenly completely empty in the zoom-out shot of Frost's body bubbling and expanding from the reaction to the EDTA.


Continuity mistake: When Blade is escaping from the police, after he jumps across the building he uses a red door as a sheild. The police shoot the red door and it splinters. After the doctor pops his shoulder back in, the cops shoot the door again but there are no visible marks from the bullets before and instead of a wooden door it's now metal.

Security Guard in Hospital: Freeze!
[Shoots at Wesley Snipes.]
Blade: Motherfucker, are you out of your damn mind?

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Trivia: The original Marvel Comics' Blade was a member of a band of vampire hunters, who mainly fought Dracula (who also was a regular at Marvel). The others included Quincy Harker and Rachel van Helsing (both descendents of Dracula's enemies from Bram Stoker's novel), and Hannibal King (a vampire detective, and a victim of the original Deacon Frost).

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Question: When Blade is getting ready to leave the morgue and Karen is lying on the ground after being attacked by Quinn, Blade is about to walk by and leave her there. However, a flashback of his mom reaching out for help appears twice, triggering Blade to save her. This represents his mom, which I understand. But his mom's death occurred in the opening scene or at the beginning of the movie, and Blade was only a baby. How could he possibly have a memory of that as an adult from being a baby? (00:14:35 - 00:15:03)

Answer: I don't think it's so much a memory as it is Blade just equating Karen with his mother in that moment. The only way to convey his thought process to the audience, though, is to show his mother onscreen.


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