The Wizard of Oz

Continuity mistake: When Dorothy walks up to the apple tree, the apple that she picks off of it, in the next shot is not there and after she picks the apple the remaining apples above her head disappear in the next few shots without being touched.



Continuity mistake: During the tornado scene while she's in her bedroom, there is a small oval picture (which looks like Elvira Gulch) over the bed which ends up sideways. As she gets up to leave after the house lands, it's straight up.


Continuity mistake: When the Scarecrow says, "Won't you take me with you?" the straw from his right hand touches Dorothy's hair, but in the next shot his hand isn't even close to her.



Visible crew/equipment: As Dorothy is leaving Munchkinland the shadow of the camera on its dolly can be seen on the floor to the right of the screen as several Munchkins almost get run over. The shadow of the cameraman's head can be seen on the bottom right of the screen as they pass her house.



Visible crew/equipment: When the Wizard says, "Do you presume to criticize the great Oz?" look closely at the curtain as a crew member behind the curtain attaches it onto Toto so he can pull it open.



Continuity mistake: Dorothy's house just went threw a cyclone with chairs turned over, windows blown out and pictures knocked off the walls. Yet her comforter stays neatly folded and doesn't move from the bed. It's also changed and now has a plaid design on it.



Revealing mistake: As the cyclone carries the farmhouse through the air, it is evident that the walls of Dorothy's bedroom are not solid walls, but fabric-covered flats. They flutter and vibrate in the wind.


Continuity mistake: When Glinda walks up the steps to greet Dorothy and the rest the floor can be seen and it's quite dirty. Later when Dorothy taps her heels together the same floor has been cleaned and shined.

01:36:15 - 01:38:40


Continuity mistake: Just before Aunt Em and the others go into the storm cellar there are two glass jugs on top of the shelf on the right of their back door. When we see the spot again a few seconds later as Dorothy stands there the jugs are gone. They're not on the floor either.



Visible crew/equipment: The four run away from the guards and leave the tower where the Wicked Witch is eventually melted. If you look closely in the two long shots from above them, the Tin Man reflects the bright stage light that is placed below them at the first bend of the walkway, on top of the Witch's castle.



Continuity mistake: When the mayor of the Munchkin City comes out of the doorway his over sized watch reads 5:30. In the next shot it reads 5:00.



Continuity mistake: When Dorothy first walks around Munchkinland, the bright ruby slippers are seen sticking out under the right window of the house. Later when the Munchkins come out we see the same spot again and the slippers aren't there.

00:20:40 - 00:23:15


Continuity mistake: The Lion holds the bug sprayer in the crook of his arm as they walk up to the sign in the Haunted Forest. In the next shot he's holding it in his hand.



Continuity mistake: When everyone is dancing because the witch is dead, joyous soldiers are marching in a straight line, just before the three dancers who represent the lullaby league sing. In one wide shot there are many Munchkins dancing over to form a crowd to the right of the soldiers, but in the next shot all the Munchkins are already standing in one big perfectly formed crowd.


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Continuity mistake: In the Haunted Forest, Toto comes to the Tin-man, Lion and Scarecrow, barking. In a wide shot he is standing on loads of leaves, then in a closeup, he's standing on hardly any leaves, but in the next wide shot, he's standing on lots of leaves again.


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Visible crew/equipment: After we first meet the three farmhands, Dorothy asks Zeke what to do about Miss Gulch. As he walks off to feed the pigs he steps into the camera's shadow.



Continuity mistake: During the tornado scene at the farm Dorothy runs to the back of the house and the bench is turned over - when she returns the bench is upright .

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Continuity mistake: As Glinda's bubble appears Dorothy walks off camera but we still see her standing there as her shadow is on the yellow brick road. When we first see Glinda Dorothy's shadow just disappears.



Continuity mistake: As she talks to the Scarecrow, Dorothy says to Toto, "Wasn't he pointing the other way?". In several of the close up shots wind is blowing her hair around and in others it isn't.



Continuity mistake: As the Wicked Witch walks over to her sister a rocking chair is protruding through the broken window. In the next shot the window frame disappears and it's not a rocking chair anymore that's protruding from the window.



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