The Wizard of Oz

Continuity mistake: The rope around the Scarecrow's neck is tied differently throughout the scene after he meets Dorothy. The rag around his hat is rearranged also.

00:34:50 - 00:36:20


Other mistake: Toto is listed in the end credits as being played by Toto, when he was actually played by a dog named Terry.

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The Wizard of Oz mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Dorothy is talking to the Scarecrow for the first time, the Scarecrow moves further down his pole between close up shots.


Continuity mistake: During the storm the farm hands let the horses go and Dorothy runs to the back of the house as the wind blows directly in her face. If you look closely a large wood plank is sent sliding on the road, in the wrong direction into the wind.



Revealing mistake: When Dorothy runs to the back of the house during the storm a crewmember is moving the rocking chair in the room on the left. The wind never stops blowing, but the chair stops moving after it's left alone.



Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie, when Dorothy is saying good-bye to the Scarecrow, he is looking at Dorothy and begins to wave good-bye. In the next shot, his head is down and he lifts it slowly and begins to wave.


Continuity mistake: As the Munchkins send Dorothy off singing "We're off to see the Wizard" the red coated guard is hanging out of his booth as he waves his sword. In the next shot he's inside the booth tapping time with his sword.



Continuity mistake: In the section just after the Tin Man has been oiled, he drops his axe and starts dancing on the road. After the Witch throws the fire at the Scarecrow, the three of them start down the road to Oz, he has mysteriously picked up his axe.

00:42:45 - 00:47:30

Continuity mistake: As the Scarecrow yells for "help" in the poppy field, the Tin Man goes from holding the head of his axe to holding his head between shots.



Continuity mistake: At the witch's castle, the witch throws a sand timer to the floor from a banister, and it smashes in front of a large group of her guards. But in the next shot, when the candle chandelier lands on all the guards, you can see that the smashed timer has disappeared.


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Continuity mistake: As the Cowardly Lion chases him, Toto runs off the Yellow Brick road into the bushes twice.



Audio problem: The talking trees throw their apples at Dorothy and the Scarecrow and if you look closely behind the tree on the right, Toto can be seen barking his head off, but we never hear a thing.



Continuity mistake: When singing 'Ding Dong the Witch is Dead', in a wide shot, many Munchkins run up to Dorothy, in a big crowd right beside her. But in the next wide shot when the mayor is saying 'From now on you'll be history' the crowd has gone.


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Continuity mistake: When Glinda says, "Let the joyous news be spread" the bridge and pond are behind her. In the next shot she's turned around almost facing the pond.



Continuity mistake: After they put the green robe on the Cowardly Lion, the flowers in the three pots on the right are different that what we saw at the beginning of the scene.



Continuity mistake: The characters change places from one shot to another as the Wizard gives the Tin Man his heart, etc.

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Continuity mistake: Glinda says to Dorothy, "I'm afraid you've made a rather a bad enemy of the Wicked Witch of the West…" and the mayor of the Munchkin city walks up from behind them. In the next shot he re-approaches them from the left.



Continuity mistake: The flower pot crown that falls from the Cowardly Lion's head goes from being behind the gang to by the right of them, with no-one touching it.

01:04:38 - 01:05:50

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Continuity mistake: In one of the most endearing scenes from one of the greatest movies of all times, nobody noticed that as Dorothy sings "Over the Rainbow" the haystack she's standing next to just materializes between shots. Later it disappears long before the twister reaches the house. If you watch the movie you'll see the exact spot where the haystack should be seen as Aunt Em gives Dorothy a cruller and says to her, "…and find yourself a place where you won't get into any trouble".



Continuity mistake: As the Tin Man chops open the Witch's door only one piece of wood has fallen off of it. In the next shot when Dorothy comes through there's much more rubble on the floor (in front of and behind the door) than there should be.



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