The Wizard of Oz

Continuity mistake: When the Wicked Witch throws the hour glass down at them the monkey on her right runs and hides behind the statue. In the next shot he's back sitting right next to her.



Continuity mistake: As she holds Toto in her left hand, Dorothy looks around Munchkinland and says, "We must be over the rainbow". In the next shot she's holding him in both hands.



Audio problem: When the Lion runs out of the Wizard's chamber we hear noises but his mouth is not moving.



Revealing mistake: As the Wicked Witch chases the four yelling "Seize them," they run around what looks like a concrete pillar. If you look closely it's covered with cloth that moves as they run by.



Continuity mistake: The Wizard gives the Scarecrow his diploma and he unfurls it. In the next shot as he recites the Pythagorean theorem it's rolled up again.



Continuity mistake: When the Scarecrow sings, "… my heart all full of pain" he puts both of his hands over his heart. In the next shot he's dancing and his arms are waiving.



Continuity mistake: When the Wicked Witch tells Nikko "throw that basket in the river and drown him" the knife in front of the basket to the right of the hour glass is pointing right in the direction of the round chain hook embedded in the concrete underneath. The next time we see this knife it has moved 90 degrees in relation to the chain hook, without anyone touching it.

01:16:45 - 01:17:20


Continuity mistake: When Dorothy asks the Wizard to take her back home, in every close-up of her the Scarecrow disappears from behind, only to reappear in the rest of the shots.

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Continuity mistake: The basket that the monkey keeps Toto in is falling apart in the front as a piece of wicker can be seen dangling off of it. After Toto runs away the basket has been turned around and the piece of wicker is no longer there.



Continuity mistake: Dorothy sloppily puts some oil in the shoulder joint and in front of the elbow of the Tin Man after he does his song and dance "If I only had a heart". In the next shot it's gone.



Continuity mistake: When Glinda starts singing, "Come out, Come out" she's not on the Yellow Brick Road. In the next shot she is.



Continuity mistake: As Dorothy and the Scarecrow dance off and sing, "We're off to see the Wizard" the flowers that were on the fencepost have been removed. The stepladder by the fence has also been moved without being touched.


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Suggested correction: The flowers are still there.

Continuity mistake: When they first see the Emerald City Dorothy is holding the basket on her left arm. In the next shot it's in front of her in both hands.



Continuity mistake: After the Wicked Witch leaves, the burn spot on the ground where she throws the fire from the roof, disappears.



Continuity mistake: There is a multicolored bag on the floor, to the left of Dorothy, when they're speaking to the Wizard and he says, "Anybody can have a brain" that was not there when she pulled the curtain open.



Continuity mistake: When the talking trees throw their apples the Scarecrow walks over to the right side of the Yellow Brick Road as he picks some up. In the next shot he's on the other side of the road picking up apples that weren't there in the previous shot.



Continuity mistake: Dorothy asks the Wicked Witch, "What are you gonna do with my dog? Give him back to me" and the basket with Toto in it changes from being in the monkey's left hand to his right between shots.



Continuity mistake: We see a Munchkin in a blue shirt climbing out of a manhole in the middle of the Yellow Brick Road and he has a prominent red scarf on. The wardrobe Continuity Person goofs because whenever we see him again, as in a glimpse in the very next shot and when Dorothy leaves Munchkin Land, the red scarf is gone.

00:23:20 - 00:33:25


Revealing mistake: After the Wicked Witch exits Munchkinland in a puff of red smoke and flames, you can briefly see sulphur marks left on the trapdoor.


Revealing mistake: The Scarecrow tells Dorothy to, "just bend the nail down in the back and maybe I'll slip off" but what she actually does is pull a lever.



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