The Wizard of Oz

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Continuity mistake: After she wakes up in the poppy field, Dorothy oils Tin Man's left arm which is stuck to his head. In the next shot his arm is lowered.



Continuity mistake: Aunt Em gives Dorothy a cruller and she takes a tiny nibble out of it. In the next shot it's half gone.



Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie, when Dorothy is talking to her family, she wraps her right arm around Toto. The shot changes, and her left arm is suddenly around Toto.


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Revealing mistake: After the doorman tells the four they can't go see the wizard he returns back into the palace and you can see his shadow where it shouldn't be against the painted backdrop wall inside the door on the left.



Continuity mistake: In the scene where Dorothy is confronted by the wicked witch and the lollipop disappears from her hands, notice how the flowers keep moving positions in her hands.


Continuity mistake: When the witch leans over to claim the slippers, she goes really close to them and her broom is practically touching them. Not to mention she also casts a significant shadow on the wall of the house. In the close-up of the slippers disappearing, however, the witch's broom and her shadow are not in the shot although they should be.


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Visible crew/equipment: There's a second window on the left of Dorothy's bed and the shadow of the stage light can be seen on the wall behind it.



Continuity mistake: In the beginning, the fortune teller tells Dorothy to close her eyes, and he takes a picture of Auntie Em out of her basket. In the closeup of the picture, his hand holding the picture is not visible, although it should be.


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Continuity mistake: When Glinda tells Dorothy to follow the yellow brick road, there are many Munchkins around. A second later, when she is about to vanish, they've all disappeared.

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Audio problem: As they all stand at the door to Oz, Dorothy reaches for the knocker and we hear the overdubbed knocking sound before she touches it.



Continuity mistake: The three Munchkins that represent the lollipop guild come out and start to dance. In the wide shot of them, they're standing apart from each other, but in the next closeup, they're standing right by each other.


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Continuity mistake: As the Tin Man crowns the Cowardly Lion the flowers fall in one piece on the first step to their right. A few shots later we see this same spot again and even though no one has gone near them, the flowers have been moved.



Continuity mistake: When they first meet Tin Man he is holding plants in his left hand. They change each time we see them.



Visible crew/equipment: When Dorothy walks out of her house in Munchkinland, shadows cast by the trees can be seen on the painted hills right behind them.



Continuity mistake: In the first shot of the movie we see Dorothy and Toto running and as she comes to stop he's at her right. In the next shot he's behind her.



Continuity mistake: When the Scarecrow falls on the yellow-brick road, Dorothy is not wearing her ruby slippers.

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Continuity mistake: As they stand in the Wizard's balloon, Toto is looking at the Cowardly Lion. In the next shot he's growling at a cat.



Continuity mistake: As she watches the Wicked Witch "melt", Dorothy and the others stand about five feet to the left of the Wicked Witch. They never move but when she asks for the broomstick she's standing right above her "melted" remains.



Continuity mistake: The Tin Man holds on to the Lion's tail as he reaches the top of the mountain. In the next shot he says, "I hope my strength holds out" and he's back on the side of the mountain.



Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie Dorothy comes running into the farm and starts to, but doesn't completely unfasten the strap around her books. In the next shot the strap is in her hand.



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