The Wizard of Oz

Audio problem: The very last line of the scarecrows song "Life would be a ding-a-derry if I only had a brain" does not match with the scarecrow's mouth movements, probably because he's too busy concentrating on his dancing.


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Visible crew/equipment: Dorothy walks around Munchkinland and when we first see the Munchkin's heads popping up the crew's shadow can be seen on the flowers to the right of the screen.



Continuity mistake: As Zeke feeds the pigs we see his hankie sticking straight up out of his back pocket. He doesn't touch it but later before he pulls it out after rescuing Dorothy, it's hanging downward and much more is showing.



Continuity mistake: Before Dorothy leaves Munchkinland she has a blue flower in her basket. She never touches the basket but as she dances out of town it's not there.



Continuity mistake: The yellow brick road is made out of painted bricks. As they enter Oz it changes into shiny linoleum with grey grout marks painted on it.



Revealing mistake: Soon after Dorothy, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow meet the Lion for the first time, they dance along the Yellow Brick Road, singing. As they disappear at the back of the set, their shadows can be seen on the backdrop, equally covering the trees and everything in between. DVD showing.


Revealing mistake: In the scene where Dorothy, Tin man, Lion and Scarecrow are in the haunted forest and are discussing whether or not to believe in spooks, Tin Man is lifted up into the air and then comes crashing to the ground. You can see his pants wrinkle up as he's trying to get up. Since when does tin wrinkle like that?


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Continuity mistake: At the start of the "lions and tigers and bears, oh my" sequence, Dorothy, the Scarecrow and Tin Man are all standing separately, then the shot cuts and they're suddenly arm in arm.



Visible crew/equipment: As they enter the poppy field their shadows can be seen against the painted wall as they walk in front of a stage light just before and after they come into view.



Visible crew/equipment: In the close-up when Dorothy sings, "With the thoughts you'd been thinking you could be another Lincoln, if you only had a brain" look closely and you can see the shadow of the camera man on the Scarecrow's arm.



Audio problem: After the Wicked Witch of the West is liquidated, the soldiers hail Dorothy. After Dorothy asks for the broom, they are heard hailing her again, but none of their mouths move. As the scene fades into the next one, the soldiers' mouths can be seen beginning to move to say the line.


Continuity mistake: As Dorothy and the Scarecrow exchange, "How do you dos" the straw coming out of the left side of his shirt triples between shots.



Other mistake: In the close-up as the Wicked Witch pets him, Toto, who has been referred to as a "he" throughout the movie appears to be a she. In actuality, Toto is a female Cairn terrier.



Continuity mistake: The Tin Man looks at the rope that holds up the chandelier and it's covering the knot. The next time we see it as he takes the axe to it, the rope is on the left of the knot.



Continuity mistake: As Dorothy stands in front of the Wicked Witch the ruby slippers are protruding over the step. In the next shot they are several inches back from the step.



Continuity mistake: If you look at Dorothy's dress, it's wet before she throws the water on the Wicked Witch. In the next shot the water spot (on Dorothy's dress) disappears only to return later when she gets the broomstick.



Other mistake: In the poppy field the tin man has hardly any of that artificial snow on him because it won't stick to the metal like real snow.



Visible crew/equipment: The seams in the floorboard under the Haunted Forest set can be seen several times under the leaves. The best is in the close-ups of Toto.

01:15:30 - 01:19:35


Continuity mistake: In a close-up of the Tin Man as Dorothy says, "We were just wondering why," there is no oil on his shoulder joint. In the next shot his shoulder joint is wet.



Continuity mistake: When the four are at the end of the hallway to see the Wizard, Toto is near the lion's feet. As it switches shots, he is behind The Tin Man.

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