The Wizard of Oz

Continuity mistake: Not only does Dorothy's hair change length during the film, it also changes shade.

00:19:40 - 00:22:15

Continuity mistake: The Wicked Witch looks over at Dorothy and says, "I can't wait forever to get those shoes" and the metal hand she uses as a book mark rotates 90 degrees in her direction without being touched.



Continuity mistake: Dorothy says, "Oh, now I'll never get home" and her dress is clean. Several shots later the Tin Man asks, "What have you learned, Dorothy?" and there are now spots all over the front of it that last for the rest of the scene.



Continuity mistake: When the Munchkins start coming out to see Dorothy, one Munchkin comes out of a manhole. But in other wide shots, and when Dorothy leaves to go to Oz, the manhole has totally disappeared.


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Continuity mistake: As Dorothy throws the water on the Wicked Witch the Tin Man goes from holding his ax in front of him to holding it close to his chest with the ax head sideways between shots.



Visible crew/equipment: We see the top of the house before the Wicked Witch appears and the right half and chimney are dark. After she appears the lighting has changed and the top of the house is all lit up.



Visible crew/equipment: As they enter Oz an equipment shadow can be seen moving on the guards back as they pass by with the purple horse pulling them.



Visible crew/equipment: Near the very beginning, when Dorothy is with Prof. Marvel, after she runs out of his trailer and the wind starts blowing, he follows her and goes towards his horse tied up outside. As he's walking towards the horse, you can see the shadow of a boom mic along his trailer.


Continuity mistake: Dorothy is standing against a tree stump when the Wicked Witch throws the fire down at them. In the next shot she's nowhere near the stump.



Audio problem: When Dorothy and the Scarecrow find the apple trees she says, "Oh, look, apples." The overdub is wrong, if you look closely at her mouth when she turns around toward the camera, she's actually not saying anything.



Revealing mistake: Whenever Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Lion go off into the horizon you can see the line on the floor of the sound stage where the fake horizon is and the scene cuts off right as the four get to that point.


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Continuity mistake: Throughout the film, if you look at the Wicked Witch's nose, you can see that in some scenes the prosthetic nose is barely longer than Margaret Hamilton's real nose. In other scenes, the tip of her fake nose hooks almost all the way down to her mouth.

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Revealing mistake: In the scene where the Lion sings his "If I Were King" song just before visiting the Wizard, if you watch closely above his moving tail, there is a string holding up and moving around the Lion's tail.


Other mistake: The shadow of a bird stretching its wings can be seen on the painted sound stage wall slightly to the right of the house as they exit the Tin man's scene singing, "We're off to see the Wizard".



Revealing mistake: After the witch says "Hey scarecrow, wanna play ball" she throws a fireball at him. But you can see the ground catch on fire before the fireball hits the ground.


Continuity mistake: Inside the cyclone, looking out the window the wind is blowing left to right. In the room the wind is blowing in the window from the right.



Visible crew/equipment: As Professor Marvel stands at the window looking at Dorothy and his fingers are curled under the sash. If you look closely they are lit up from underneath, but there's no light on their floor.



Continuity mistake: Prof. Marvel reaches to open the door of his wagon as he walks Dorothy in. In the next shot the door is already open.



Continuity mistake: After they first meet him when Dorothy pulls the Tin Man's arm down we see her dress and there's nothing on it. In the next shot there are several wet spots on the front of it.



Continuity mistake: The Cowardly Lion says, "I'll fight you with one paw tied behind my back, I'll fight you standing on one foot." as he proceeds to put his arm behind his back and lift up his left leg. In the next shot his arm is out in front of him and his leg is on the ground.



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