The Wizard of Oz

Audio problem: At the very end of, "We Welcome You to Munchkin Land," at the very last 'fa la la la la laaaaaa' right before the Wicked Witch interrupts the song with her explosive arrival, you can hear someone scream before the explosion even occurs. (00:29:04)

Audio problem: When Dorothy, Scarecrow, and Tinman are in the forest where they find Lion, the first time Dorothy says "Lions and tigers and bears, oh my" her mouth doesn't move at first but when the camera cuts to the next shot her mouth finishes the phrase. (00:48:45)

Audio problem: Just before Aunt Em and the others go into the storm cellar, Em calls for Dorothy and tells Henry she can't find her. Em's mouth never matches any of the words she is saying. (00:16:00)

Audio problem: Just before Dorothy lets the Scarecrow down, his lips don't match what he is saying. (00:35:35)

Audio problem: The talking trees throw their apples at Dorothy and the Scarecrow and if you look closely behind the tree on the right, Toto can be seen barking his head off, but we never hear a thing. (00:40:20)


Audio problem: The very last line of the scarecrows song "Life would be a ding-a-derry if I only had a brain" does not match with the scarecrow's mouth movements, probably because he's too busy concentrating on his dancing. (00:35:55)

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Audio problem: After the Wicked Witch of the West is liquidated, the soldiers hail Dorothy. After Dorothy asks for the broom, they are heard hailing her again, but none of their mouths move. As the scene fades into the next one, the soldiers' mouths can be seen beginning to move to say the line. (01:27:20)

Audio problem: When Dorothy and the Scarecrow find the apple trees she says, "Oh, look, apples." The overdub is wrong, if you look closely at her mouth when she turns around toward the camera, she's actually not saying anything. (00:39:20)


Audio problem: Inside the Emerald City Dorothy says "Can you even dye my eyes to match my gown?" Both the girl on the left and right reply but you only hear one voice speak. (01:01:35)


Audio problem: The Tin Man crowns the Cowardly Lion and he lip-synchs "Monarch of all I survey." His mouth doesn't move as he sings the word "Monarch." (01:05:55)


Audio problem: When the Lion runs out of the Wizard's chamber we hear noises but his mouth is not moving. (01:12:30)


Audio problem: As they all stand at the door to Oz, Dorothy reaches for the knocker and we hear the overdubbed knocking sound before she touches it. (00:58:45)


Audio problem: The talking tree grabs Dorothy before he throws his apples. She starts screaming. And as she runs off laughing. Her lips don't match what we're hearing. (00:40:10)


Audio problem: Dorothy yells, "help, help" as she's chased by the flying monkeys but if you look at her mouth she's yelling, "Oh, Oh". (01:15:20)


Audio problem: After the witch says "Well my little pretty, I can cause accidents too." her mouth starts to move again but nothing is heard.

Audio problem: When the Scarecrow says "You see, it's very tedious being stuck up here all day long with a pole up your back," his mouth is saying something else. (00:33:50)

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Audio problem: As the three look down at the entrance to the Wicked Witch's castle the guards in the back are playing drums that are not in synch with what we're hearing on the soundtrack. (01:20:45)


Audio problem: When Dorothy first meets the Scarecrow, you hear Scarecrow talk about the directions, but his mouth doesn't move.

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Continuity mistake: In the beginning while Dorothy is still on the farm, she walks along the pig pen fence and then falls in. When Bert Lahr picks her up out of there her dress is perfectly clean. (00:03:45)

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Dorothy: There's no place like home.

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Trivia: Professor Marvel, the Cabbie, the doorman, the guard, and the wizard himself are all the same actor, Frank Morgan.

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