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Scream picture

Dawn of the Dead - S2-E5

Other mistake: When Deputy Dwayne is talking to Sheriff Miguel Acosta while Acosta pours himself a cup of coffee, he picks up the coffee jug, pours his coffee and puts the coffee jug back far more quickly than is humanly possible.

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Death in Paradise picture

Episode #8.4 - S8-E4

Other mistake: The victim is shot and ends up in the swimming pool with a gaping exit wound. However there is no blood in the pool.

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Charlie's Angels picture

Consenting Adults - S1-E10

Other mistake: Jill is riding a skateboard and she holds a little black bag in her left hand. In one shot, Jill's hand is empty and the next she is holding it again before throwing it at Kelly. (00:45:00)

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Grantchester picture

Episode #1.3 - S1-E3

Other mistake: The publican asks for payment for some drinks, saying "One and six, please", meaning one shilling and sixpence. The subtitles say "One-o-six, please."

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Homicide: Life on the Street picture

Sideshow: Part 2 - S7-E15

Other mistake: When the guest cast is listed and Jerry Orbach's name appears, Lennie Briscoe's first name is misspelled "Lenny."

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Weeds picture

Van Nuys - S5-E5

Other mistake: When Andy pulls his piece of meat out of the fondue pot it hasn't been cooked at all. The fondue obviously hasn't been turned on (in the next shot he sticks some meat in his mouth, which has been cooked and is smaller).

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Beauty & the Beast picture

Masques - S1-E5

Other mistake: When Vincent is talking to Father about going to the masquerade party, you can see that both of his hands have fur and claws, but when he puts his hand on Father's shoulder and says "Don't worry", his hand is normal.

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Crossing Lines picture

The Terminator - S1-E3

Other mistake: When Rebecca is telling Dorn about Etienne's death, she explains that his room was right above the garage and after the explosion she "tried to go in, but the room was gone." Yet at the end of the episode when Louis goes into Etienne's room, it is fully intact, including pictures taped to the wall.

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iZombie picture

Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Brain - S4-E7

Other mistake: When you see the Brother Love pamphlet Liv is reading, after verses 1-5, it goes back to 1 and repeats the same 5 verses before continuing on with verse 6.

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Chicago P.D. picture

Start Digging - S3-E22

Other mistake: When Voight finishes talking with Rev, Voight walks away. When he does, he goes in the opposite direction from where his car is parked and on the wrong side of car for a driver. (00:27:05)

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Forever Knight picture

If Looks Could Kill - S1-E20

Other mistake: Nick pronounces the plastic surgeon's name as "Yergen" in one scene and as "Jergen" in the next. At the end, she becomes Dr. "Yergen" again. (00:29:40 - 00:31:10)

Jean G
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Ashes to Ashes picture

Show generally

Other mistake: the song 'Happy birthday' by 'Altered images' wasn't a hit until the autumn of 1981, and couldn't have been played at the boat party.

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Maigret picture

The Patience of Maigret - S1-E1

Other mistake: A newspaper headline reads "MAIGRET tient t'il enfin le tueur?" This makes no sense in French. It should read "MAIGRET tient-il enfin le tueur?" ("Does Maigret have the killer at last?"). (00:27:55)

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Hawaii Five-0 picture

Ke Kinohi - S1-E13

Other mistake: An important key to the first season's plot is the "dancing men" code on the postcard. We see the postcard several times leading up to Ep 1:13. It shows 3 lines of code containing 4, 4, then 3 characters. In this episode, however, Steve brings out his workings on a yellow legal pad to show the others. There are more characters on his pad than are on the postcard, and some of the characters (for example those with both arms on one side of their bodies) do not even appear in his workings. He claims to have used frequency analysis to work out the code. If one uses frequency analysis on the actual code we see on the postcard, the result can never be Hiro Noshimuri. (00:23:35)

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The Good Wife picture

After the Fall - S3-E16

Other mistake: Regarding the suicide of Karen Anderson, her boyfriend explains that Karen hadn't been studying with him because she wanted to be in the sun all day, but all the footage of the bridge she jumped from shows it to have been a mostly overcast, gray day. The first shot of the bridge is at the very beginning of the episode and is repeated several times throughout.

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Murdoch Mysteries picture

Home for the Holidays - S11-E1

Other mistake: Only one set of prints were said to be on the garrote but in the last episode of season 10 Graham handles the garrote before handing it over to the murderer without wearing gloves. So there should have been 2 sets of prints.

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Batman: The Animated Series picture

Two-Face (1) - S1-E17

Other mistake: Several shots during Harvey Dent's fundraiser show characters in the crowd never blinking or moving a muscle. (00:07:10)

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Hustle picture

Diamond Seeker - S5-E4

Other mistake: The end credits for this episode are actually a repeat of the credits for the previous episode Lest Ye Be Judged. (00:51:10)

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Ray Donovan picture

If I Should Fall from Grace with God - S5-E7

Other mistake: End of episode 6 it's nighttime in LA, they also show Bridget in a church in NY, where Terry is in confession. Beginning of episode 7 it's still nighttime in LA, when Terry walks out of confession it's daytime in New York. It does not make sense for Terry to go to confession mid episode 6 (during daytime in LA).

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Spider-Man picture

Night of the Lizard - S1-E1

Other mistake: Spider-Man is shown web-slinging past several glass buildings, but he does not cast a reflection in any of them. (00:00:10)

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