The Event

The Event (2010)

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Other mistake: In episode 5, while Sean is talking to Leila on his iPhone, it is obvious that there is no connection, because Home screen of iPhone is displaying on device. (00:14:20)


Show generally

Plot hole: Episode 1: All passengers on cruise ships have a passenger card with their name and cabin number imprinted. They are not just identical key cards like in hotels.

Jacob La Cour

Show generally

Visible crew/equipment: The event, episode 3, "Protect Them From the Truth" : during a shot near the crashed plan, the camera and the crew can be seen in the reflection of the president's glasses. (00:10:55)

Show generally

Visible crew/equipment: Season One, Episode 14, "A Message Back": As Thomas watches the plane take off into the air, a car leaves, driving by him. As it does, you can see the cameraman reflected on the car.


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