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Moon picture

Deliberate mistake: When Sam is watching the security footage of his predecessors being disintegrated in the chamber, the disintegration happens the instant the coffin door is shut. However when he goes in to test it himself there is a ~60 second wait as a congratulatory video plays before the disintegration occurs. (01:00:00)

Nik Rolls

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Total Recall picture

Deliberate mistake: While Cohagen is on Mars, he calls Richter and chides him for trying to kill Quade. Richter is in a car on Earth, yet they're having a real-time conversation, which is impossible because of the distance. [While this is true, a movie with 4 to 21 minute pauses between lines would take rather a long time].


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Night of the Living Dead picture

Deliberate mistake: When Ben is discussing boarding up the windows to Tom, he says he still needs to get a few spots upstairs. Why would he need to board up the upstairs windows when the zombies have no way of reaching them?

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Spider-Man 2 picture

Deliberate mistake: Perhaps to avoid getting an R rating or parental complaints notice how in the operating room massacre none of the doctors appear to bleed nor do Doc Ock's tentacles have blood on them.


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Suggested correction: The problem is in both versions of the film, basically all of the deaths either happen off-camera, or are things like people being shocked to death or killed by being tossed around and presumably having their backs/necks broken. Most of the deaths would be bloodless or near-bloodless anyways, and the camera simply doesn't linger on the bodies enough to show any blood. This is also why the tentacles aren't really bloody. Sure, it was probably ratings-related, but it isn't technically a mistake.


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Space Camp picture

Deliberate mistake: The filmmakers wanted a scene where Andi is startled by Max as he spacewalks behind her at Daedalus. Given that the only way to communicate in spacesuits is through radio, and the two suits would presumably been on the same channel with the shuttle, Andi would have known Max was coming. Further, even if they were on different channels, why wouldn't anyone tell Andi that Max was coming?


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The Fifth Element picture

Deliberate mistake: In the very first shot of Korben Dallas, his bedside clock is facing away from him, towards us. We can read it, but he shouldn't be able to because he'd be looking at it backwards.


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Supergirl picture

Deliberate mistake: For dramatic purposes, when the film ends, Supergirl leaves a cloudy trace while she flies. No trace was seen during her previous flights.

Sacha Premium member

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Guyver: Dark Hero picture

Deliberate mistake: During the final battle, at one point Sean kicks Crane off a rope bridge. When this happens, if you look closely you can see the rope railing on the side of the bridge fall away right before Crane falls. It's supposed to look like Crane is falling through the ropes, but they drop just a split-second too early (he's not even touching them when they start to fall), so it was done on purpose and mistimed. (It was likely timed to drop away just a split-second before Crane fell so that the stunt-person wouldn't accidentally get tangled in the ropes as they fell).

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The Suicide Squad picture

Deliberate mistake: When King Shark grabs the guard from behind and eats him, he screams loudly, but nobody reacts to it, not even his buddy who just went left to fetch a drink. Later Cena and Elba kill 'silently' every other guard, but when they get to a group of three that Bloodsport yo-yos to death, it's pretty impossible that those three could have missed the carnage just a little off to the left. Then again, at the end a whole tower gets demolished without anyone noticing, so It'has to be deliberate. (00:33:05)

Sammo Premium member

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LEGO Star Wars: The Padawan Menace picture

Deliberate mistake: When C-3PO, R2-D2 and the younglings are driving through the battle zone, Anakin Skywalker and General Grevious can be seen battling. Later, Darth Vader can be seen on Hoth. This would be impossible due to Anakin Skywalker being Darth Vader. (00:08:50 - 00:12:20)

Casual Person

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Universal Soldier: The Return picture

Deliberate mistake: If this movie takes place 7 years after the original, how could his daughter be 13? He was part of a government project, I doubt they let them leave for relationships.


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Suggested correction: This is a retconned film made after 2 other direct-to-video Universal Soldier movies were made. While the film is considered non-canon in the series, in the film itself, the facts of the original are altered to allow Luc to have a daughter.


Exactly. If this movie changes things that happened in previous films than they don't make sense in context to the series, that's a mistake.


Essential the film can be considered the same as a reboot. Reboots and remakes can alter characters without being considered mistakes because they're not actually part of the film series, just like "Universal Soldier: The Return" is not part of the Universal Soldier film series. However, changes to characters in retconned films, shows, or books, by definition, are not mistakes.


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Venom: Let There Be Carnage picture

Deliberate mistake: When Kasady and his symbiote are fighting for control at the bell tower, they are reflected inside Venom's eyes...who is lying on his back in the middle of the cathedral and is nowhere near and at the totally wrong angle for a reflection like that to happen. (01:15:50)

Sammo Premium member

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Superman III picture

Deliberate mistake: When a man bumps into pole, it sounds as if a truck had crashed (which makes it funnier), but in reality he just bumped his chest.

Sacha Premium member

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The Angry Red Planet picture

Deliberate mistake: For all exterior shots on the surface of Mars, the crew's "pressurized" space helmets have no face-plates (their faces are fully exposed to the hostile Martian environment). The transparent face-plates they intended to use reflected far too much studio set lighting, such that the glare would have obscured the actors' faces. On a $200,000 budget and a 10-day production deadline, they simply scrapped the face-plates and shot the scenes with wide-open helmets.

Charles Austin Miller

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Howard the Duck picture

Deliberate mistake: When Howard is being sucked out of his planet by the laser beam the couch ignites but he doesn't.

Sacha Premium member

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Sonic the Hedgehog picture Sonic the Hedgehog mistake picture

Deliberate mistake: At the speed trap, Tom points his radar gun at a turtle. From his perspective, he seems to be looking through some sort of scope with cross hairs and numbers on it at the turtle to line up the beam. However, when he then looks at the radar gun at the speed indicated as 1 MP/H, there is nothing on the gun where he could have been looking through such a scope. At best, the top of the run appears to have plastic iron sites. The scoped view would not have been from the device itself perspective since it would not need cross hairs or numbers on said cross hairs as that would be for a person looking through it to have reference points. This scope view of the turtle was most likely just added by the film makers to have a better visual representation of Tom aiming the radar gun at the turtle. (00:04:29)

Quantom X Premium member

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Superman picture

Deliberate mistake: Before Superman traps the black missile, its beam is really big and covers half of the lettering on the side. When Superman is behind, the fire is much smaller and the lettering is visible, allowing us to see Superman.

Sacha Premium member

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My Super Ex-Girlfriend picture

Deliberate mistake: When Jenny writes "dick" on Matt's forehead, she does not stop the beam but the word is written with the letters separated.


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Super 8 picture

Deliberate mistake: The scenes involving the 8mm projector and screen did not also contain legitimate light rays from the projector to screen or show any obstructions on the screen despite Joe or someone else between the projector and screen. What showed on the screen is what would be expected if using a videotape or DVD.


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